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Posted by Bramble15 on 24 Aug 2010, 16:24

Hi everyone, my name is Rich and I live in the State of Maryland in the U.S. I have been modeling for around 30 years or so. I am 39 now. I had previously just focused on military aircraft/armor in 1/72 (WWII) and NASCAR. This winter I purchased a few sets of figures just to give them a go, and it has taken over. I have sold off a good bit of my NASCAR kits and some planes to make room for my new miniatures. I have mainly focused on WWI,WWII, Napoleonic with a little bit of the AWI. Once I get ahold of my camera and mess around with it I will get some photos posted. I look forward to participating and contributing with all of you on this fine website. Thanks again.
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Posted by DanV. on 24 Aug 2010, 19:54

my name is Daniel. I was born in Prague in October 4 1992 and I still live there (or here?). My favourite scales are HO/OO and 72, but sometimes I build 35 also. I am interested in British and Commonwealth AFV and figures.
I like films, books and art too.
It is all important about me, I think. ;-)
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Posted by Jur2225 on 24 Aug 2010, 21:06

Hi fellow forumers,

I am jur2225 and I am 15 years old (young, eh?) and I come from Holland. I have been painting military vehicles for one year now, and I have recentley started painting figures, thanks to some tutorials as inspiration. My main scales are 1/72 and 1/35, but since I am not allowed to post 1/35 here you will see only my 1/72 figures and vehicles ;-) . My favourite theme is world war two, especially german and american forces. I like to comment to people's work. I am currently working on a ww2 wargame with Remco, and my army is nearly finished so I hope I can to post pictures soon :-D .

I hope to see you all soon in the chatroom!
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Posted by guilhem on 25 Aug 2010, 22:26

hello my name is Guilhem . I am french from Lyon.
My english is very bad...
I love France 1940 and Spain war 1936 39.
I am enjoy, to join us.
I know Xchen and Insomniaque, because I found them in minitracks forum (french forum specialised in 1/72)
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Posted by Das_Dirch on 03 Sep 2010, 11:50


think it´s time to introduce myself.

My name is Dirk. I´m 42 years old and live in the western part of Germany in a small city between Dortmund and Münster. I am married and have two children.

I paint figures since the early 80 years. Most are in 1/72.
Sometimes I get lost but also in the world of 54mm figures.
Thematically, I'm not set. I paint almost everything I enjoy.
I also still like to build dioramas. Maybe I can show you a few works coming soon.

Another hobby is running over longer distances.

I have heard through this forum in the exhibition in Heiden this year, and, since I read with great enthusiasm, the reports here.

I try as many exhibitions in my neighborhood to visit. Maybe then they meet again.

I hope I can be still look much more beautiful and well painted figures to be inspired by the works of the artists here.

Each a lot of fun.

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Posted by Cuchulainn on 12 Sep 2010, 06:17

Hello to all,
looking very forward to being a part of the Forum. Inspired by the great paint jobs and models I have seen. :thumbup:

My name is actually Mike. Cuchulainn is one of my favorite Irish stories.
I am 56, married 37 wonderful years, and she is still my girlfriend. ;-)
We live in Alabama in the US, and raised seven children.

Just retired and finally have a little more time on my hands, so returning to a passion for 1/72 figures have had since the mid 60s, first the old Giant figures, and then the early Airfix figures, Roco, and Alymer.

My periods of interest are the Thirty Years War, the Dutch-Spanish Wars of the 1600s, and the English Civil War. Also the Seven Years War and Austrian Succession.

I was born in Wuerzbuerg, but all my roots are Irish. I speak German, a little French, a little Spanish, and Irish.
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Posted by felipewerneck on 13 Sep 2010, 16:12

Hello friends!

I am here new in the Forum, I am Brazilian, 49 years of age, graphic and industrial designer and I practice the plastimodelismo from child and after learning a lot with you, I will start to contribute with some figures and dioramas in the scale 1/72, always willing to receive comments, so that it can develop in this fantastic scale.

The scale that worked, was to 1/35, and besides I won some here contests in Brazil with dioramas and some were published in Model Warships. ... index.html

From of already, excuse me for any mistake in the orthography of the English language, because I use a translating software.

Thank you very much

Felipe Werneck
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Posted by Dwarfogato on 17 Sep 2010, 23:07

Hi guys:
My name is Alex, I am a graphic artist and 44 years old. Perhaps I´ll paint a war scene some day, but now I just paint fantasy pinup girls (admit it, they are better looking than French Grenadiers).
I got the 1/72 bug bite at 12, when I received an Airfix Coastal Defense Assault set as birthday present. The rest is history. Altough being apart from the hobby for some years (when I went into Warhammer and even slot cars), I have the collecting fever again.
My favorite periods are: WWII, WWI, late medieval, XIX century colonial wars, and Roman era (wish somebody produce more late empire sets).
I have more that one thousand Airfix soldiers, which I painted during my teen years. An entire weekend for a 48 soldier box (I had good eyes, neck and back then!). As everybody used enamel paints for their kits, I used acrylics since then. By the way, I learned to mix colors painting toy soldiers, which helped me a lot at college during my graphic design studies. Who says a hobby is a waste of time?
Altough my old soldiers are crudely painted (barely enough for wargames), I am fond of them.
At later years I discovered other manufacturers, with improved sculpting and variety, until these last years explosion. Now they are too many nice stuff to collect!
I´ll get some pictures of my stuff to show you.
Take care

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Posted by raul on 18 Sep 2010, 06:34

well,finally after some time since i join the forum i´m going to introduce myself 8) .my name is raul leite,i´m 26 years old,i was born in lisboa,portugal.i´m in the army for the past 5 years(thats why i dont have a lot of time to post stuff on the forum :roll: )in the oldest regiment in the country(cavalry regiment nº3,recon squadron :horse: ).my favourite things to do(besides painting 1/72 figures) is to be with my girlfriend :love1: ,to workout,combat sports,reading and watching favourite figures are ancient,dark ages,samurai,but i love medieval :love: .first came across 1/72 back in 2005 and never stop buying them :lol: .thats all for now,hope to post something soon :roll: .thanks to benno for letting me join the forum and to all the members,you guys are very friendly and fun 8) .
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Posted by SamSagace on 19 Sep 2010, 22:13

Hi everybody!
I've forgotten my introduction! :oops:
What could I say about me??? :confused:
I'm French ( and I speak English like.... a frenchie!!! :mrgreen: )
I'm 52 years old (hum... not for a long time: my birthday is on October 3!)
My real name is "Pascal", I'm married and have 2 children, 7 and 12 years old :love: )
I like fantasy (Tolkien is one of my favourite: SamSagace is the french name one of the Lord of the Ring's character: Samwise Gamgee)
I like read, but no time enough!!! :roll:
I practise Mountain Bike since 1990, now, just when I'm not too busy....and when children let me little time to ride!
I have discovered painting figures after I'd found my old ATLANTIC's figures in the house of my parents.
I'm an e-bay's seller (figures) ("geronimo86p")

I just begin to paint and it's very difficult ! when I see what you make, I think I never could make the same!
My favourite period is Middle Age (Crusades, etc...), but I like AMERICAN WESTERN too.
I generally don't like battles: I prefer way of life, quietness....
My favourite Manufacturer is Valdemar miniatures and I consider ALEX is a genius sculptor !!! :love:
(but Jens is a very nice too: it's very easy to mail him and have a response rapidly!)
No more questions?
ok! the interview is finish!
Thanks! :lol:
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Posted by santifernandez on 20 Oct 2010, 21:04

Hello sorry for my english,I am a modeler from barcelona and paint figures and models 1/72
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Posted by Kaplaus on 24 Oct 2010, 13:09

Hi folks,

After being pleased, surprised, amazed… by your works during all the week, after reading a lot of posts of the forum, I am making the step to subscribe.

My real name is Laurent. Happy married with Suzan from more than 9 years, we have together an amazing son: Julien, 7 years old.
I am a 36 years old French guy, whom moved to The Netherlands to be together with my wife 12 years ago.
By now, I am working as a Sales Engineer and enjoying by selling Loading Arms all over the world. No, no, it does not have anything to do with weapons… it is made to transverse fluids or gas from a ship or a tanker to rail or road tanker.

Since my move to The Netherlands, my passion for my Napoleonic 1/72 figurines was hibernating… but yet, it is coming out !!! Unfortunately, it will have to wait a few months more, recovering from a surgery in my hand. I am using this time to make decision and plans for the future.
I get my first sets of Airfix when I was 5 and played hours with them. I started painting them at 10 with the idea to build the complete diorama of Waterloo. Today, about 300 of more than 2500 are ready (you can see some pictures hereunder). Now that I am older, I am realizing that I will never have the space for it and that this project does not interest me anymore… I am thinking to sell them like all the old Airfix I have. If one of you has any advises about it, be welcome to share them.
Discovering the Benno´s forum was like a revelation !!! Making diorama with my own figurines, yes, this is exactly what I want. By looking at your works, I am aware that it will be a long way to make scenic as beautiful and realistic as you do. I already read most of the tutorials and will count on your comments on the work I will place in the future.

Next the figurines, I have also another hobby: the model trains. I enjoy to combine the static of scenic as a station, a garden with a running train. Started 4 years ago, I am still working on it. It took me a long time, several month, to develop my own electronic bloc system: to permit several trains to run at the same time without collapsing, and acting on the light signals. When my hand will be out the plaster, I will go further with it too….

My latest passion is a music one. More than 3 years ago, I discovered the Corsican´s polyphony and especially the Corsican´s group: A Filetta. Since we could not find any information about them, my wife and I started a web site about them: By now, the site count more than 300 pages and is available in Dutch, French and some parts in English. We are looking for someone whom can help us to translate in English… may be one of you ?

After all these words, I think it is time to end this presentation by a photo.

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Posted by Erik-Jan on 27 Oct 2010, 12:10

hello everyone, my name is: Erik-jan Renting, I live in the Netherlands in the town of Nieuw-Weerdinge. at the moment i'm 26 year of age.

pictures of my main project (waterloo in 1:72) can be seen on
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Posted by madmax5510 on 11 Nov 2010, 01:21

Hi to all!
My name is Dani,38 years old,from Deva,Romania,and i started with this hobby about 10 years ago.My first area of interest is the period of the World War II[vignettes or small dioramas,vehicles and figurines],then ancient and medieval period.
I forgot... married about 10 years,i have 2 wonderfull kids and 2 jobs too.[So, very little time for hobbies] :lol: .Me and my "gang":

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Posted by khde on 12 Nov 2010, 11:06

Thank you all for the warm wellcome,

Well I am living in Potsdam nearby Berlin in Germany. Since several years I am modelling, mainly aircraft. But after a pause due the birth of my son, I had started with tabletop.

Currently I am working in two directions: actually mainly 28 mm Napoleonic and beside of that some 1/72 WWII stuff.

Regarding the Napoleonics, I am playing with some friends Black Powder Rules. There fore I am currently painting some parts of the 2. Corps, 2. Div.

As soon as I have some representable figuers ready I am going to add some pics.
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Posted by ironbrigadier on 22 Nov 2010, 00:00


My name is Scott. I live in Wisconsin. I'm 19...enough of the boring stuff.

I have been working with miniatures for a few years now. I am working on Alexander's army in 20mm and Crassus' army at Carrhae (odd choice I know) in 28mm, at the present time. I am working on my painting right now, so neither of my armies are the most beautiful things in the world but I'm okay with that because I am getting better.

I do some stuff with paper "figures" because I am trying to get more of my friends into wargaming but none of them have jobs so right now we are going for extremely cheap. the joys of building a wargaming group based around teenagers. The one thing that all of us have are Star Wars miniatures that we do some wargaming with. They are from Wizards of the Coast so they are prepainted and all that jazz but we do a fair bit of customization to make new and cooler figures.

One thing I do well, is terrain on the cheap. I am becoming quite good at making nice terrain for very little money. Usually just the cost of glue and occasionally some styrofoam or something like that.
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Posted by jmchasco on 14 Dec 2010, 21:35

Hi all !!!
Following instructions... i proceed to introduce myself here !

I'm 33 years old, live in Madrid, Spain... i'm computer engineer (tired of computers :)),
I begun to interest on small scales at very young age, during 70 and 80 was very common at Spain find poor airfix copies, with a poor poor quality, but i was hours and hours playing with a big army with more than a thousand of these copies...
some day i discover matchbox sets, they were in any store at spain for a few years... and after this i begun to discover esci, revell and so... a whole world...
after teen age i forgot it... i always took a look to showcases on stores and remember my childhood... but from 16 to 33 i got 0 contact with minis...
and then comes the past Christmas... i was thinking in a gift for a friend, a game like RISK with 1/72 figures.. painted... a great idea.. :roll: i didn't know how many hard is paint 300 figures !!!
My girlfriend, with her better intention, purchased the whole range of citadel paints for my birthday (January 14th) and then i begun the gift for my friend.. a custom RISK with about 300 samurai figures from Zvezda range... in four nice colours :))
One month after i was really tired of samurai... and begun to made other things...
I'm always was interested in WWII, i like Medieval age... and ACW, as a wink to my father, i'm working in both armies, union and confederates, to some day defeat my father in a big game .. :) ...
I'm interested in wargaming, rules 1:1 for WWII and scaled rules for ACW or others, always with 1/72 scale.
I'm also planing a Colonial army, based in the classic Esci/Italeri sets and with the union of the growing and each day better, sets by Hät, but by the moment they wait on the wardrobe.

and well.. my English is so so.. this presentation took me around 15 minutes... :-D

And that's all.

PS, almost forget it, i'm maintaining my own site at:

Regards !!
jmchasco  Spain
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Posted by veko on 22 Dec 2010, 00:01

Hy to all!
My name is Vedran. I am 25. I was born in Split, but I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I am interested in dioramas, especially WW2 and middle ages.
veko  Croatia
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Posted by GrauerWolf on 24 Dec 2010, 14:43

Hallo people, here I am.
My name is Alessandro Guidi, I'm born 16.08.1956 and I live in Italy (I am italian of course) in Massa, a little town near Pisa.
I am a lover of 1/72 plastic soldier from the age of five years when I buyed my first box of Union Infantry from Airfix.
I am on the wargame side of the hobby but I like to paint miniatures and all the stuff to putting them decently on the battlefield.
I have armies for the ancient period (greeks an persians), napoleonic period (french and british), west frontier period (cavalry, indians and so on) and finally WWII last period (germans, americans, russian, refugees). I have an italian 1943 army too.
So, I hope to have a nice time in your company.
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to everyone!
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Posted by Cloud on 28 Dec 2010, 21:43

Hi there and thanks for the welcoming :D . You may allready know I am new to this "bussiness" and I am happy to learn new things from more experienced people ...
I am using my painting acrilics Louvre , I am using some very small brushes (made from squirreles ! poor creatures...) and this is for now :).
I buyed 2 zvezda 1/72 sets with a friend who is also interested in this , mine are Samurai Infantry( I love Japan past) and he got the Vikings set.
Whe got a lot to learn and I allready have a question : I heard from someone that is very recomanded to use varnish for acrilics on the figures after I finished painting to keep them for very long time and for the effect. I am thankfull for every detail that you can provide me on this aspect. For now I should show you my very first small army :D :
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