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Posted by GRGames on 13 May 2010, 20:14

Well I finally joined in the fun!

Name is Richard (the R in GR), hit 35 this year!

Got into soldiers at about 5 and has been almost constant for the next 30 years.

Have at some time dabbled in pretty much all historical periods as well as Warhammer and WH40K. WWII has always been a favourite though. Myself and th G in GR run our own ruled WWII campaign and tabletop battles. I have command of all Allied armies and he Axis. Quite a task painting 4000 1/72 figures, not to mention the accompanying vehicles and aircraft!

Used to paint 'professionally' for model shop a few years ago, though quality has dropped with increase in quantity!

Also like to paint 28mm - 54mm, just can't resist buying new toys!!! (Much to my girlfriends disdain!)

Have 3 children - 2 step daughters, age 6 and 4, a son, almost 3 and another (son please!) on the way.

I'm senior sales for a large Builders Merchants in London

And, I think I can officially call myself a grown up! (well just about!)

Oh and, thank you very much for the warm welcome, and the many previous hours of painted figure browsing!
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05 May 2010, 22:09

Posted by Challenger77 on 19 May 2010, 18:46

Hello to all !
my real Name is Harry, i am 45 an married since 3 years.iam interested in modelling since 40 years.First there where all the Airfixsets and my Grandpa build a few Planes and Tanks.I got then 1/35 Tamiya, but not for long.
I get over to modelcars from all Manafacturers, especially Rallyecars all 1/24.
I am in a Oldtimerclub, Mercedes; so it was only a Matter of Time to my first 1/18 model. As you can see on our HP and on the Links i build what is funny to me or anybody wants me to build for him.
I am also very interested in the Old West, i have build the famous "Gunfight at OK Corral" but in 54mm. Plans for a 1/72 Dio are here...........
and 3-4 others also, will post it her when the first Pics are done.

Well and my 1:1 Hobby is my little Blue Bonsairacer :lol:


And my best Hobby is my Wife Uschi. She loves all my crazy Models and supported me very well .And she is collecting the tiny Cars like the Fiat 500 and so.

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18 May 2010, 12:50

Posted by blockhaus on 21 May 2010, 19:03

Hello all. my name is Carlos Elias. I am 52 years old and I live with my wife and two sons in Barcelona (Spain). I work at the University in the administrative support area. I have an educational background in graphic design. I have a deep interest in History and modelling and a branch of graphic design that is box art. I have a lot of soldiers boxes only for the box art; old airfix are some of my preferred for the qualilty and because they are my childhood souvenirs. Today for me Zvedza and Miniart for 1/72 are the top in the box art field.

Mi field of work is mainly 1/35 and WWII, and I do masters for some firms that want them to make copies, but recently, thanks to Jens from Valdemar Miniatures, I have rediscovered this scale and have been given the oportunity to make buildings from one of my preferred eras, medieval times and its castles. I hope that I can help if someone want to do some building for his soldiers.
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Posted by braxat2000 on 15 Jun 2010, 06:19

Hi everybody,
My name is Eyal, I'm 33 years old and I've been scale modelling for many years. A couple of years ago I switched to modelling in 1/72 and didn't look back since then 8) . I find this scale a great way to build various subject much quickly than I would have if I continued building in 1/35.
I always include a scenic base with my models, and always add a figure or more.
Recently I read a book on the Napoleonic wars of 1813, and it renewed my age old desire to paint 1/72 Napoleonic figures. So I picked a couple of boxes from Zvezda and was blown away by the details and quality. It was many years since I tried to paint soft plastic and my experience with them was very bad, with AFV models I can build and paint metal, plastic and resin figures..
So I searched the web and found tutorials, and now I'm on the way to finally paint these wonderful figures.
I'll post pictures of my work soon, and will be very grateful to get your feedback on this effort.
I hope it will turn out well, because I would like to paint many more historical figures in 1/72.

And last but not least, thank you for this fantastic forum, I'm a member on many forums, and was looking for one to fill the 1/72 figures niche, this forum looks like it fits perfect with what I would like (and sorry for my English :oops: ).

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Posted by Xerxes on 17 Jun 2010, 15:51

Hello all! My name is Schuyler, 36 years old, living near Pittsburgh, here in the US. I am really happy I found a great forum full of 1/72 stuff. I come to 1/72 figures from the wargaming hobby. The price and quality can't be beat. I'm going to post some of my stuff right now. I don't have much done in plastic but I hope this forum will keep me motivated to get more 1/72 done. Thanks!
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Posted by Andreas on 22 Jun 2010, 15:30

Hi @ all
My Name is Andreas and I´m 43 years old .
I´m living with my Wife in a small Village in Germany ,Baden Württemberg .
As a Child i collected Airfix Soldiers .
As a Teenager other things get more intressting , so I sold most of the Figures .
Some years ago i found some of these Soldiers i kept and decided to sell them on ebay.....

I couldn´t believe my eyes as i realised what has happend since i didn´t collect further.

So many new Manufaktures i never heard about.....
This was the Start of a new collection .
But there is too much to collect and work out huge Ranges of napoleonics , ancients and I decieded to speciallice the Collection .

Romans and the Medieval Period are most intressting for me .

Soon i will post some pictures of my works and i hope yuo enjoy it .
Feedback is wanted ..... especially if you think i should work them out better.....and if you can help me to do so .
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Posted by Frank Kelle on 01 Jul 2010, 14:27

Hello to everyone!
I just would like to introduce myself:
I am 41 Years old german Modelbuilder of napoleonic Soldiers and the american civil war. In former times I joined the Intermodell Dortmund as a exhibitor in a small group for 4 or 5 years. In this group several diorama of the ACW were finished in 1/72. After some struggle THIS part of my interests were stopped - till all was reactivated since now 3 years. My interests for the soldiers changed to the napoleonic aera, in 1/72 and 54mm (sometimes larger) scale.
I found this Forum here in my search for the chevaulegers of Berg... :)
Further interest are the ships of the german kriegsmarine and - since the beautiful kits of trumpeter - railroad models in 1/35 (the steamengine series 52 and 86 ist already build..).
As I am an administrator and found of a Forum for all kind of modellbuilding, I think most of the softwarepoints of this board shall be common - but now I will read the most interesting point here!
If YOU have any questions to my person, please ask them - normaly I do NOT bite...
(YES - my avatar ist the Airfix-Kit of the Polnish Lancier in 54mm this was finished not long ago..)
I hope, I can show here some parts of my work in 1/72 (when I find the correct area...) and hope for a good time here on this board!

Sorry for my "strange" english.. it is not common for me to write in english.... :(, I hope you understood mostly..
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Posted by big p from gmg on 02 Jul 2010, 09:57

My name is Piers, and I am a wargame addict.

I run another forum, that has a big bias to 20mm figures,, so this place is very familiar!

I have been gaming for 25 years, though its been the last ten years that I have finally been able to spend the money that I want to on it.

I play a large variety of periods from Ancients to medievals, AWI, ACW and Napoleonics, through to WW2 and current conflicts.

I also write rules for Ambush Alley Games and recently published the 'Ambush Valley' Vietnam supplement.

I have a very understanding wife, a large work studio in my house (my work desk is 9 x 5... it has to be as I have so much crap to paint!), a long suffering dog and my Daughter who has already at age three started painting her own Cold War British Army (but the tanks are mainly pink...). No idea how many figures I own but its in the thousands... and its all metal as I cant get on with soft plastic stuff. I really admire the skill people have in painting soft plastics, its amazing.


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Posted by maryliao on 02 Jul 2010, 15:23

Dear all,
My name is Mary Liao. Chinese name is Liao, Jung-Hsiu.I’m 38 years old. Married for two years and have a 9 months daughter. Born in Taiwan and live in China now. Most of time we work at home, mainly to introduce people who wants to buy or sell land and mine in China.

I begin to paint models because of my husband-DollPlayer. (He is crazy about models. And talk about it all day long.) I think it’s better to learn something about the models. And it did get us closer. He is proud of me.

I enjoy painting the little figures and wanting my paint-skills improve day by day. As someone said, it’s like “Zen” for me to paint it. (Because painting the models need clam and patient.)
My first painting is War hammer Chaos Knight.


Since my husband has too many models in different area. And his favorite changed from time to time. Now I begin to paint 1/72 scale figure for his 1812 plan.

Nice to joining this forum and know you all.

Best regards,
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Posted by Angelle Sambre on 09 Jul 2010, 09:53

Wow! It will take me another full day to "meet" my fellow modellers! I am very pleased by the young age of so many of you! It gives hope that the "X-Box" wont eat all the up and coming generation! Ha ha! I am 41 (chronologically), 107 ( what my body feels like too often!), and 13 ( behavior!), and got back into the hobby on a spontaneous lark about 18 months ago. When I was a kid, I just collected, painted, and built little dioramas just to do it... a couple of years, maybe? Then at 14 or so I discovered long hair, playing guitar, and pu...pu... putting things away! Yeah! That is what I was going to say! So I took a detour, and Mom trashed all my stuff from the storage thinking I was never going to return to the hobby ( bad day that was!!). And wife #2 did the same while I was offshore working ( I scored the dream of a lifetime... a shop going out of business and unloading everything for pennies on the dollar). But like I said, "she" decided it was childish while I was off working, so there went batch number two before I even got a chance to fool with it!
So here we are now, and I started by trial and error, then discovered some magazines and websites... and experimented a bit more... and so forth... I have not gotten around to airbrush ( yet) or washes. I have stayed with a love of all things miltaria throughout my life, and you will ( eventually!!) see things from all over the ages from me! I use all manner of paints and brands ( acrylics, enamels, oil) as well as chalk and anything that might do the job! Ha ha! I make a certain amount of silicon molds, and resin cast a fair amount of things... I do conversions all the time ( my goal is to not have any duplicated figures with obvious exceptions such as firing positions, as these are taught a certain way... but even then, what are odds of 2 longbowmen wearing the same outfit?) I am still working on my terrain ( never done much of it!), and scratchbuilding houses... ( my current wife observed that while it is difficult to build a tiny house... it is just that much harder to model realistic damage!! Boy she wasn't lying!) Other than that, all I can say is I am a "Ragin' Cajun" from south Louisiana ( with German from Dad's side, and the usual "Heinz 57" that you get usually!! Ha ha!)
Take care, and I look forward to seeing your work "on the posts"!
The Dark Angel :headbang:
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Posted by Peabody on 14 Jul 2010, 00:41

Thomas here, I'm 46 and live in Vancouver, Canada. I worked as a chef most of my life, but I don't cook any more, which is great since I now have lots more free time to play with my favourite toys. I was away from the hobby for a long time and have only been at it again for the last two and a bit years. I believe I am, perhaps, the worlds second slowest painter.

My current big project -for some time- has been gaming the Vietnam War in 1/72 and I also have a nice big pile of GZG 15mm New Israelis, armour and other good stuff on the project-pile, since 15mm sci-fi has become completely irresistible.

I'm very happy to have found this forum and I have already seen more than a few familiar names and collections posted here, so Benno's feels very much like a familiar part of the neighbourhood! I'm sure I will be inspired by participating here to improve my work and to work a little faster.

When I'm not working on my 20mm projects, I'm can be found at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden here in Vancouver; drop in some time and I'll be happy to show you around our beautiful and authentic Ming Dynasty scholar's garden.

All the best,
Thomas in Vancouver
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Peabody  Canada
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Posted by Payling236 on 14 Jul 2010, 18:58

Hi all!

I am Peter from Taiwan. My chinese name is Pay-Lin Law. I am 26yrs old now and keep building models for almost 20 years. I usually build 1/35 AFV and 1/700 warship, BTW I am a WW1 dreadnought and WW2 British tank mania :P

I got hook on 1/72 figures since 2006 and my first set is Teutonic Knights from Italeri with tan plastic. I was shocked by its quality and started buying more and more sets from Italeri, Zvezda, Ceaser, and Pegasus. I am interested in Dark age, Crusader era, HYW, and WW1/2 but I would like to try some ancient stuff though.

Now I am expanding my Teutonic army with the brillant Valdemar sets and hard reading Medieval history other than Osprey books. :mrgreen:
If you are interesting in my other works of AFV and warship, PLS feel free to visit my blog Sorry for that mostly was written in Chinese, only some simple introduction such as which kit I use was written in English though.

Very Glad to join the board! :thumbup:
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Posted by Joker6686 on 19 Jul 2010, 17:49

Hello there,

my name is Raphael, i'am 24 years old an i live in Dortmund ( Germany ).

I really like 1/72 since i was a young boy and me and my friends played in the sandbox with the tiny soldiers, but after a while i thought paint them and they will look much better. That's the way i came to modelling and painting. Then i tried 1/35, but i allways came back to 1/72, because i like the size and its very nice for wargaming.

My favorite period is "modern", but i like many periods, because i studied history and after the Modern Troops, i like the Roman Empire, Napoleonic Wars and the American War of Independence. A few years ago i painted alot WW1 and WW2 figures, but meanwhile i don't like them that much, because they are nothing special anymore.

Nowadays i don't have much time, because i work a lot for an insurance company, but in my holidays i trie to paint my loved minis.

i think that's it for the first post.

btw. sorry for the englisch, i watch a lot TV Series and movies in english, but the last time i wrote english was in school.

Have a nice day!

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Posted by FrankM on 01 Aug 2010, 00:38


my name is Frank and my English is insufficient... no... it´s terrible. Please don´t worry, if you have problems to understand my contributions (By the way: Thank you Mr. Google for the google-translation-tool!). :-D

I´m 46 years old and living in the Rhine-Ruhr-Area in Germany. Some of yours knows me.

Benno: I was the elderly man who eat all your cookies at the Duzi some years before. ;-)
Tom: I´m the man who was digging deep in your box with the single sprues on the Action, the Duzi, and so on... :thumbup:

My way in modeling is typical:

In the beginning (in the early Seventies)... after TV-movies like "The longest day" my first steps were Airfix figures and vehicles in 1/76 (formerly in Germany known as "1/72"), later in 1/32. The Airfix Gun Emplacement was an early "must have". Following the first hardplastic figures in 1/35, like the early Tamiyas, the first tanks (like the "new" Tamiya Sd.Kfz 251/1 incl. Panzergrenadiere - round about 35 years before). At this time my historic knowledge was not very intensive. My Airfix Highlanders in 1:32 must defend my Far-West-Fort against Timpo Indians or the French Guard and my Airfix "British Paras" supported by a Timpo-ACW-Gun and a "Saladin" Armoured Tank from "die Bude" (not easy to translate... a kiosk but much more) attacked a Bunker, made of Lego-brickstones with the Airfix "Aussis" inside. Some years later the great cut. No time according Disco, Mofa (hmmm...translate... a small scale motorbike, a motorbike-in-being?), first girlfriend (Yes, me too), training for the job, job, evening school, army, job, family, more family...

A few years ago I began again, but more collecting than modelling. First - only for a short time - 1/87, than more and more back to the roots: Scale 1/72 (and sometimes I risk a very, very shy view to the scales 1/76 and 28 mm). My prefered themes: No special theme, but no main-stream. Better an old Mk. I - IV or an FT-17 from WW I, than the 5,387st "Tiger" from an "MMMCXXVII. Elite-Panzerkorps", better "Black Jack" Pershing vs. Pancho Villa or medieval artillery than OIF and Waterloo.

My classification is... not to translate: "Gelegenheitskleber" und "Anstreicher"... I glue not very often and my painting is like with a tassel (Well, I´m sorry, but I don´t think that I will publish any of my sorry efforts. Never I would be so cruel.). :angry2:

Usually I create my models (especially single vehicles and figures or small vignettes with a gun & crew or any kind of accessoire and 2 or 3 figures) some days or weeks and than, due to a massive lack of any space... I spend them to my little son. In his toy-box they will fight their last way to Walhalla against Bionicles, Transformers and other creatures, which I will never understand. It´s his version of "Mortal Kombat for Plastic Models". :shock: :-D

All in all: Here I am.

Best regards

FrankM  Germany
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Posted by iamcanadian on 01 Aug 2010, 02:47

Hey guys my name is Alex from Calgary Canada. I am very interested in 1/72 scale, especially WW2. I actually just discovered this site about a week ago but I have been a fan of figures for many years. I enjoy hockey and watching football(no not soccer USA, football), and lacrosse, I will try to put up some pictures of dioramas once I am done.

Thanks for the great welcome! :-)
iamcanadian  Canada
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Posted by redzed on 02 Aug 2010, 18:30

Hi, Shaun, UK, full time painter- mainly 28mm, but I like all scales and sizes. Lurked for a while but really started to like a lot of the pictures on show so joined up so I can say thanks to the people who post.
Raiders fan and the Raiders only :-D
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Posted by Steven on 05 Aug 2010, 00:26


My name is Steven. i am from germany, maybe some of you know Kaiserslautern in lovely rhineland-palatinate. I live around 20 minutes away from there.

I am 34 years old. At my youth I build some planes and so on. My main hobby is medieval reenactment. A year ago I thought: what would a guest at one of our markets want to see? Knights...we have.....castles....sometimes we have one, too....Siege machines...we don't build one? Way to I started to build a diorama. With the machines...but then I saw...this dio is dead,...I need figures and started to build some.

A few weeks ago I met Andreas, he showed me, where I can get some miniatures which are "unusual" (valdemar)...and now I got the fever! I want to improve my bad skills. Get a better knowledge how to paint and build.....

If you want to see me, go for and look for Veit von Atzenstein, thats me.
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Steven  Germany
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Posted by gregmita on 15 Aug 2010, 02:11

Hi everyone. My name is Chen-song, from Edmonton, Canada. I'm mainly interested in 1/72 miniatures for gaming. The eras I concentrate on are ancient, medieval, modern, and sci-fi. I've been reading this forum (for the pictures!) for a while now, and I'm inspired by all the great paint-jobs on display here. Hopefully I'll learn something from you all. :)

I also maintain a blog for my gaming miniatures here:

Thanks for the welcome!
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Posted by Roland_Kupski on 16 Aug 2010, 15:11

I haven´t seen this topic until today.
I am 50 years old and started figure collecting with 14 years: Airfix Romans and Britains. Then my teacher showed me one day his collection of flat tin-figures: I lost my heart - but they were too expensive for me.
Living in the deepest german countryside near the german-german border we only got the stuff which our local dealers could offer: Airfix!! A cousin of me, who lived in Cologne, once staying for holidays by my uncle, showed me his treasure: Atlantic, Esci, Matchbox. With a friend of mine we played with the figures, but we never heard of "wargaming" - so we invented our own way of playing.
When becoming a student it gave a break in the hobby - since we visited the famous Liechtenstein Castle in the Suebian Alps. There was a souvenir store, in which flat tins were offered. So I started collecting tins with 26 Years.
Then - I was 37 in between - I had to make a travel to Frankfurt, and in a big toystore I saw Revells British Sharpshooters and 100 Years War. That was the inflammation of my old love, since this time I am a 1/72 fanatik.
In my hometown, Eschwege, I was engaged in a miniature collecting society, which opens a own Museum. But changes in my professional engagemant forced me to reduce. If you near this nice town: have a look!

Meanwhile I have interest in 28mm too, because the standard of this figures has risen to a very high degree. From time to time I paint a figure of bigger scale.

I am protestant minister in a little village and I am teaching religion and philsophy at the local gymnasium (high school).
My wife loves my hobby, because she knows his therapeutic impact for me. My son and my daughter are interested, but not infected. I am also interested in literature, music (classic only) and history, especially the later ancient times (Dark Ages, Byzanz) and the prehistoric development of culture. A special military-historic interest I have in the german troops in the AWI, becaus lots of the ancestors of my people stayed there.

The internet has given the hobby a very news aspect, so I am member in different fora, for years especially in the najemo, later forum (visit the gallery: fantastic!).

But job related trouble, lack of time and changing of interests have caused me to retrat a little. So I am more a visitor and from-time-to-time exhibitor in the last time.

The painting competitions and the duell are a great pleasure for me, because everybody gives his best and there is the pure olimpic spirit, not the "Who is the best??" cramp. And to see all these wonderfull painted, sculpted and arranged figures is a daily walk in the wonderland. Thanks to all.
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Posted by Insomniaque on 18 Aug 2010, 21:07

My name is Tristan, I am French - leaving near Paris and I use "Insomniaque" name on forum; this kick-name is coming from my "habbit" to awake very early in the morning (between 3:30 and 4:00) not being able to sleep more than 4 hours a day - as a good effect of this, I spend 2 to 3 hours everyday building 1/72 kits (plastic, resin and scratchbuilt) and creating figures which fit with my dioramas.
As it was not so easy to find the right attitudes to the scenes that I was looking for - I have decided one year ago to start creating my first figures using several parts of several models from the trade- using Milliput, Duro, Solid paint and many other features to complete and scuplt; I am looking to present some of them on forum and trully will appreciate your comments and feedback.

I am really enthousiastic discovering this dedicated forum to what indeed has brought a constant passion to my mind from more than 42 years now... Time is to say that I am 49 and that I have always been attracted by 1/72 scale figures - this started as many of us with Airfix at the end of 60s'. I was building kits for hours and days along all my holidays period and painting figures to bring live to them. After an Airplane kits period where I was using figures as well; I painted 35mm Figures for several years - but keeping attention on our favorite scale - especially Napoleonics and have learned a lot in painting with oils from this period; from the last 5 years now I am back on 1/72 scale with special attention (linked with Armors, Tanks and Warfare interest) to WWI French Army and WWII "France 40".
To finish this presentation, I will just add that I am working for an Office Supplies US Company in International function; I am married from 25 years and have 3 sons and one girl - all wonderfull - I hope being able to communicate my passion to one of them (he's painting Lord of rings figures!).
Looking forward to meeting you soon on upcoming discussions and sharing expriences.


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