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Black Queen Hobby and Miniature Painting Competition 2022

Posted by Kekso on 23 Nov 2021, 11:33

Dear friends, miniature painters and friends of the hobby in general!

We invite you to our 16th annual Black Queen Hobby and Miniature Painting Competition!



In 2022 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have some changes in the format of the Black Queen Hobby and Miniature Painting Competition. So what is new and what remains the same?

First, it will again be held over two days.
Second, it will again be a part of the bigger UMS Agram event - Exhibition of Miniatures and Tabletop Terrain „Agram“.
Third, extra protection for your entries and exhibits that will be exhibited in our glass cabinets.
Fourth, six one-hour painting workshops (three per day).
Fifth, painting booths equipped with paints, brushes, lamps – if the epidemic situation will allow.
Sixth, there will be a speed painting contest. One hour to paint a mini.

The biggest change in the format will be the registration process.
You will HAVE TO PRE-REGISTER for the event via e-mail. In the pre-registration you will be obliged to state if you have an EU Digital COVID Certificate valid on the dates of the event. If you have the valid EU Digital COVID Certificate, you will then receive the exact time when you need to register at the event (from 8:30 until 11:00 on Saturday). Be there on time, if you are late we can not guarantee your participation in the event! This is to limit the number of people at the venue at the same time.
If you do not have a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate, you will not be allowed at the event, but you will still be able to enter your minis in the competition. The drop off will be on Thursday, Feb 24th, from 20:00 until 21:00. Make sure you have a printed and filled out entry form (empty forms will not be available on Thursday). The pick up date for your minis will be on Wednesday, Mar 2nd, from 20:00 until 21:00.

COVID TESTING will not be organised at the venue!

1. Black Queen Hobby and Miniature Painting Competition
As mentioned above, the Black Queen will be held on Feb 26-27 in the Vladimir Horvat Gallery, ZZTK, Trg žrtava fašizma 14, 10.000 Zagreb, Croatia and will be a part of a much bigger event, our annual Exhibition of Miniatures and Tabletop Terrain „Agram“. The Exhibition itself will be open for three weeks form Feb 24 until Mar 13 2022. At the new venue we will be able to provide glass display cases for all the entries (at least reasonably sized ones). Here is a quick run down through categories at this year's event:
1. Single Miniature (any 28-35mm single miniature)
2. Mounted and Large Miniature (mounted or large miniatures in 28-35mm scale)
3. Unit / Squad (unit of 5+ minis (28-35mm), or exceptionally 3+ minis (trolls, ogres etc))
4. Masterclass (our most prestigious category, anything goes as long as it's a single entry. Previous Masterclass winners can not compete in the first three categories.)
5. Diorama / Duel (self explanatory, two or more minis locked in combat or in any other interaction on a single base (no limit to the size of the base, if you can bring it, we'll display it!))
6. Open (anything that isn't covered in the categories above – primarily reserved for dragons, monsters, warmachines, but also scenery etc)
7. Bust (busts of any size can go in here)
8. Junior (under 18. The Junior entries will be assigned in the categories above as applicable and will compete with the rest of the entries. However, best three Junior entries in the whole competition will be awarded in Junior category.)
9. BEST OF SHOW (this is a new category which will be sponsored by UMS „Agram“. The best entry will be awarded a special prize!)Full Rulespack can be found here.

2. Painting Workshops
The layout of the venue at the Vladimir Horvat Gallery makes it possible to hold several workshops throughout the weekend. Therefore, there will be three one-hour workshops on Saturday after the official opening of the competition and three on Sunday before the awards ceremony. The themes of the workshops and the names of the tutors will be announced at a later date. We wanted to provide as many workshops to all the visitors, competitiors and miniature painters so we decided not to hold several workshops at the same time. This year, the workshops will be held in the cinema hall in the basement. The tutor's work will be filmed with a camera and projected on the projection screen in the hall. That way the social distancing can be maintained. Also, this setup means the workshops will be capped at 10 people so registrations for the workshops will also take place. Once each workshop is announced, you will be able to register for each of them. Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate is a requirement.

3. Painting Booths
Besides the workshops, we will provide several painting booths so the visitors and competitiors can paint some minis at the event as well! The booths will be equipped with acrylic paints, brushes, lamps and other tools needed to fully enjoy our hobby. All you need to do is bring your unpainted miniatures. However, this may not be possible to hold due to the epidemic, but so far we are planning they will take place. Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate is a requirement.

4. Speed Painting Contests
There will be a speed painting contest organised on Sunday. Participants (up to 10 each day) will have an hour to assemble and paint a single miniature. Like painting booths, these are planned but they may not be possible to be organised due to the epidemic measures at the time of the event. Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate is a requirement.

5. Exhibition of Miniatures and Tabletop Terrain „Agram“
The Black Queen Hobby and Miniature Painting Competition will be held as a part of a larger club event, Exhibition of Miniatures and Tabletop Terrain „Agram“ so all the visitors and competitiors will be able to take a look at 19 years of UMS Agram history. In the glass cabinets, there will be numerous miniatures and tabletop scenery made and painted by our members and attendees of our Terrain and Miniature Painting Workshops. Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate is a requirement.

6. Vendor area
If the epidemic situation allows, there will be a vendor area at the venue where you will be able to purchase miniatures and hobby material on the spot.Valid EU Digital COVID Certificate is a requirement.


The pre-registrations will be open until 20th of February ! Pre-registration must be sent via e-mail: ums.agram@gmail.com Pre-registration must include the name of the participant(s), contact e-mail or GSM number and whether you have an EU Digital COVID Certificate that will be valid on Feb 26th and 27th.
Each person coming the the registrations bringing the models must send his/her own pre-registration. If a person is bringing models of other people, his pre-registration is enough. However, a single person may not send pre-registrations for his/hers club/team mates who intend to bring the models themselves. This ensures we know EXACTLY how many people will be present at the registration.

See you in February!
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Posted by Bluefalchion on 23 Nov 2021, 16:59

Wow that sounds so fun.
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Posted by Emperor on 24 Nov 2021, 14:51

Modeling events are fun...I always find something great to buy, like set of Italeri French knights in scale 1 32...And people are always great and kind...
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