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1. "Dioramica" 2016

Posted by Roland_Kupski on 19 Nov 2016, 15:17

Its absolutely great. Nice talks with Stenfalk, Edgar Balzar, Erik Trauner and and and and lots of inspiring Dioramas.
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Roland_Kupski  Germany
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Posted by Ray.Caruana on 19 Nov 2016, 19:03

What a great exhibition! So much to see and examine in close up. The museum's exhibits are just overwhelming, so much movement and interaction between the pieces. Well done to all those involved in their making. Unfortunately due to some mishaps that happened to me and my wife before and now while in H.Munden, I couldn't enjoy the social events last night and tonight. We were so looking forward to be there to socialize and chat with fellow bennos members. However I did meet some good friends (and their amazing work) this morning and looking forward to continue doing so tomorrow.
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Ray.Caruana  Malta
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Posted by stenfalk on 20 Nov 2016, 13:02

A personal conclusion:

Yesterday i was in Hann. Münden. I had to invest a lot of mental energy to go on the journey and felt very unsafe at first, to speak to the people who were known to me about photos or especially by our forum. I've done it sometime and i haven't regretted anything.

Despite this initially hardness (...i did not notice this until the evening when i was back home...) at last it was one of the most beautiful days i could experience since a long time. He touched me very pleasantly on many different levels. I saw and felt not only passion, dedication, curiosity, knowledge, precision and accuracy but also a great deal of openness, humanity, receptiveness, friendliness and compassion. Unfortunately it was not possible in the short time and because of the filling of the impressions, at each table and with each figure friend extensively to come in the talk :oops: . But already the first step to have met a part of the enthusiasts personally was a great joy and a personal honor. For some hours i felt almost like the "stenfalk" from earlier times.

I hope there will be more opportunities in the future.

A great praise is due to the organizers of the event. It was a special atmosphere, nearly protected. It was thought of everything. And the museum is a very, very fantastic enterprise! Definitely worth to visit at any time, even without "Dioramica". In front of these huge plates i felt like a child whose toys awoke in the world of a historical museum.

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Wolfgang, if you have an idea how i can support your work, let me know. What i can do, i will do.

I took a lot of motivation from my visit. I think, personally the exhibition was at the best time.

Thanks for reading...
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stenfalk  Germany

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Posted by Roland_Kupski on 20 Nov 2016, 13:24

Could not be said netter.
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Roland_Kupski  Germany
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Posted by The Talking Horse on 22 Nov 2016, 09:01

I can only echo stenvalk,s commets. My thanks to all those involved, in organising, running things smoothly and supporting it, especially the ladies who coped admirably with what must have seemed a gang of overgrown schoolboys let loose in a sweet shop.Nice to meet at least a few faces to fit to names
The Talking Horse  United Kingdom
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Posted by christophe on 23 Nov 2016, 22:13

Back in the south of France, I wanted to show my great appreciation to the organizer of this show. The first show devoted exclusively to figurines on my scale! It was wonderful, magical, extraordinary. What a childish pleasure to see so many beautiful productions, dioramas more impressive than the others ... with their master, erik that I finally greet. Very beautiful encounters also with Egbert (very great painter), stenfalk, Mr cryns, Wolfgang Meyer, dirk, Michel .... I had an apprehension on the barrier of the language but I quickly perceived that the passion lifts completely. The place of the exhibition within the museum allowed me to appreciate the madness of the modelers ..... it is incredible to see diorama in 1/72 so big and so well realized. Once again a very big thank you to all the organizers and participants, and I hope to soon on this forum or elsewhere ...
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christophe  France
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Posted by Alex on 23 Nov 2016, 22:44

Hello friends ! I am very glad to read your comments! Hope for those who could not be with you, you have prepared a lot of photos as a consolation ... :yeah: :yeah:
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Alex  Russia
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Posted by Frankzett on 24 Nov 2016, 08:14

Yes it was a great thing to be there, to see the some faces behind all the members here, to see a lot of fellows again, and to talk about the tiny and the big things. Well unfortunatelly this two days weren't enough to get to know all the people which I know only with their names and nicknames.

And a very big THANKS to the organisation team behind, I hope to read about the plan of the 2. Dioramica soon ...

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