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Waterloo re-enactment 2015 bicentury

Posted by Emperor on 20 Sep 2013, 20:01

I think we should have this topic, discussing re-enactment of famous Battle of Waterloo...I'm also interested into going at Waterloo on bicentury, since I sadly misted Borodino re-enactment...So I think here on this topic we should also discus how to get to Waterloo, and if anybody is interested how to join reenactment groups, or get uniform etc...I have spoken with chief of Old guard reenactment group, he said that all re-enactment groups will get invitation on Waterloo 2015...I also watcehd on Borodino clip, that some guys from UK had a friend who studied with them, who was in Lythvanian lancers, so they got uniforms and joined the re-enactment...
Also the end of first half of June is perfect time for vacation, and who has chance and money can go...Also it is maybe a great oportunity that some of us meet there...So what do you think... :thumbup:
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