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2. Dioramica

Posted by Wolfgang Meyer on 18 Sep 2018, 10:41

The DIORAMICA is getting closer and closer. It's also a big gathering of friends and members of Benno's Forum.

Once again, apart from a great number of vendors of model figures and diorama accessories many fellow hobbyists will attend and present their works of art. Furthermore, many figure modellers from Germany and abroad specialising in our scale will be guests of our show and and are willing to share their tricks of the trade.

Also, our association 'History in Miniatures' will present their newest additions to the museum exhibition. We would not be able to build our large dioramas without the support of some of our most enthusiastic fellow modellers. Among our new pieces, pride of place will go the new diorama 'Teutonic Order 1329'. We are looking forward to welcome Alex Gusev from Moscow. Alex is the modeller of the Valdemar figures used in this diorama portraying an episode of the late middle ages. Moreover, we will for the first time present 'Danube 1809'. This diorama makes exclusive use of Francesco Messori's figures. Francesco is an avid modeler of Napoleonic figures and has his own figure line; he will also be our guest during the presentation. Apart from the permanent exhibits in the museum and the many pieces brought by our fellow hobbyists there will be two very large temporary dioramas of Waterloo and the Battle of Ulundi during the Zulu War of 1879. All in all, there will be hundreds of dioramas never before seen in public.

So lots and lots to be seen. The following is a list of vendors, modellers and exhibitors who to this date announced to attend. Of course, this list will be changing in the months to come. We will do our best to keep it up-to-date. As appetisers, we are adding some pictures of the dioramas that will be shown.


Fredericus Rex Germany
Germania Figures Germany
Hagen Miniatures Germany
Kamar Germany
MBM-Model Netherlands
Schilling Figures Germany
Seidemann Cinematic Music Germany
Shifting Land Netherlands
Stenfalk Germany


Burgdorf T. Germany model buildings
Costa M. Italy figures
Cryns L. Netherlands figures, model ships
Falke T. Germany animal figures
Fischer R. Germany figures
Geurts J. Netherlands trees
Gohlke I. Germany figures
Gusev A. Russia figures, vehicles
Hofmann A. Germany figures
Huré D. France figures
Messori F. Italy, Netherlands figures
Ziegler F. Germany figures

Bähr A. Germany
Bauer F. Germany
Becker F. Germany
Burgdorf T. Germany
Brown M. Netherlands
Brunner H. Austria
Brüggemann Germany
Costa M. Italy
Cryns L. Netherlands
Dürrschmidt Th. Germany
Fischer R. Germany
Geurts J. Netherlands
Gohlke I. Germany
Grussmayer Germany
Hartung W. Germany
Herberger F. Germany
IPMS Austria Austria
Kittelberger New Zealand
Krempl F. Germany
Kupski R. Germany
Kurtz T. Germany
Lehner A. Germany
Messori F. Italy/Netherlands
Meyer W. Germany
Risser D. Germany
Schmitt T. Germany
Stephan R. Germany
Trauner H. Germany
Umhey A. Germany
Umhey R. Germany
Ullrich D. Germany
Ullrich P. Germany
Vogt M. Germany
Wild U. Germany
Wolfram A. Germany
Worlitzsch B. Germany
Zeidmanns U. Lithuania
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Wolfgang Meyer  Germany
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Posted by Erich von Manstein on 21 Oct 2018, 10:10

I'm planning to visit this years Dioramica for one day or even two.
Could you please communicate the actual opening hours (per day) with us, could't find them in the original announcement. Sorry if I've overlooked them somewhere.

Another question is if forum members from Belgium, the southern Netherlands or western North Rhine-Westphalia are going there by car?
Anyone interested in teaming up for a carpool travel?
Feel free to contact me here or per PM.

Really looking forward to this highly promising event! :thumbup:
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Erich von Manstein  Europe
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