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A Multitude of Figures

Posted by Ochoin on 06 Jul 2022, 14:21

From boxes of 48 (or more) plastic figures, to single command figures from Newline, purchasing figures comes with a variety of choices in terms of numbers.

No one likes having to buy figures you don't want & will never use. As I have a large box of "surplus" plastic figures, I guess the boxes of these fall into that category. Given the relative cheapness of these, that's not that much of a problem. The metal variety generally come in groups of 3, 4, 8 or more as a pack. As unit sizes are often stipulated by wargames rules, this sometimes means buying a full pack to get one needed figure. Spare metal figures are less economically satisfying.

I'm building a Lion Rampant medieval retinue. Units come in 6s or 12s. As I'm using my favourite manufacturer, Tumbling Dice, whose figures come in 8s, it means a number of extra figures have been bought.

This isn't so much a whine as an observation, and sometimes those "extras" turn out to be useful in expanded programs. I *do* have, however, lots of single figures, painted up & with no role in a game, just because I hate not to have them finished.

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Posted by Bessiere on 06 Jul 2022, 19:26

I'm basing my cavalry in groups of 12 which leaves extras from the larger Zvezda sets. The Russian hussars come 18 to the box so essentially I get 3 units from 2 boxes. HaT makes Russian dragoons but no command figures so once again Zvezda comes to my rescue with the art-of-tactic dragoon command set of 3. 3 boxes of HaT and I get 4 units by getting a command set for each.
Like you I do end up with lots of leftover figures, thousands of "lost boys" waiting in a box.
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Posted by Fire at Will on 08 Jul 2022, 09:03

My cavalry units are usually 8 figures, which would lead to having 4 left over, unless I am making multiple units and buying multiple boxes. With the Strelets WSS cavalry, it is less of an issue as I split out the over-dressed officers as command figures.

With infantry it is trickier as I like units to have a consistent feel, ie. marching, firing etc, so I have to buy enough boxes to provide the right numbers of neat units. So I always seem to have left-overs, some of which can be used for skirmishers
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