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How to transport (or store) your 1/72 miniatures?

Posted by Brok_Santatusca on 10 Dec 2019, 23:16

Hi guys,

I'm wondering how you transport your 1/72 miniatures and how you store the litte men at home? :mrgreen:

I found the company "Feldherr" having this foam tray and wonder if it is useful for 1/72 minatures: ... ts/a-57468

Of course you won't fit soldiers with very long pikes in it, but it think it will work for 80% of all 1/72ies :eh:

Another idea is magnetism: As I base all my miniatures on 1-cent-coins (copper-covered steel) it is possible to use magnets or magnetic foil to keep them in place. Sadly strong magnetic adhesive foil is still quite expensive (in contrast to normal tiny magnets).

Other people add small magnets to their miniature bases and therefore could use steel tool boxes for transport.

And how to you store them at home?

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