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Strelets 174 and 184 - Prussian and French Line

Posted by Koppi on 17 Jun 2018, 07:48

Today a review of the announced Strelets sets. Not so postive like my report just one week before, but ...
Report in german and english. ... e-und.html


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Posted by MikeM on 01 Feb 2019, 09:50

The marching Prussian infantry look really well sculpted, and would have been great, if not for certain odd points.

One of those is already mentioned in the review: the bread bag, which is sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right, where it interferes with the cartridge box. Should always be on the soldier's left, with the short sword.

Secondly, the man carrying the flag is very obviously an officer, which was not Prussian practice. He should be an NCO (Fahnenunteroffizier).

Thirdly, there are too many uncovered shakos. Prussian shakos were always covered in the field. In fact, in 1813 many shakos might just be a wicker frame with a peak and an oilskin cover. Furthermore, all uncovered shakos bear Fusilier Battalion badges (the cockade on the front). Musketeers would have the Royal Cypher as a shako badge (intertwined "FWR"). This shows poor research.

Finally, the box art picture shown is ridiculous! General cut of uniforms seems to be reasonable, but hte NCO's wear British style rank chevrons instead of cuff & collar lace, and the officer a British officer's sash, instead of the silver-and-black Prussian sash. All seem to have Fusilier shako badges, but Musketier white equipment belts (fusiliers had black). Also, the leather "sleeves" over the rolled greatcoats are much too big. This "sleeve" was actually the leather rain cover for the musket lock,and was buttoned over the rolled greatcoat when not on the musket. The officer's gold epaulette and lacing on the jacket are also very non-regulation.
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Posted by Zed1 on 02 Feb 2019, 10:26

I agree with Mike - the boxart is more or less nuts. The drum's rims are completely in red colour - should be painted in red and white diagonal stripes or white&red triangles instead (depending on the regiment).

The unit shown here is from Eastern Prussian or Kurmark and should therefore have a completely different flag. To make it even worse, this looks like the one of the infantry regiment no.12 from the Frederician time (1754-1763).

What is really funny is that short man (or boy?) right in the middle of the coloumn's front. Due to the minimum body height that was required for line infantrymen, this guy would - in real life - have never ever made it into a grenadier company. Men of shorter size would have been sent to light cavalry or support units.
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