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HäT - Greek Catapult (PSR review)

Posted by ColeF on 17 Jun 2009, 12:23

Take a look at this review! :shock:
Look at the bottom: 10, 10, 10, 9, 10! :o
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ColeF  United States of America
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Posted by bilsonius on 17 Jun 2009, 14:07

Just got the set - rather better than their wobbly Roman catapults. The body of the catapult was a bit bent, but seems to have staightened out OK. Not happy with the kneeling figure - he's going to do his back an injury when he stands up!
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bilsonius  United Kingdom
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08 Feb 2009, 02:31

Posted by Paul on 17 Jun 2009, 16:47

I agree, the bod kneeling is a bit......? :? ,but the rest of them are easily converted for other siege weapons. Nice set!
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Paul  China

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Posted by luchs on 17 Jun 2009, 17:49

nice set..the crew can be usefull for many things..
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