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Line drawings of XX-century Peasant Revolutionaries

Posted by Umpapa on 05 Feb 2017, 18:55

You may remmber when few years ago I have proposed HaT produce 1:72 Mexican Revolutionaries? "HaT Line drawings of Mexico Revolutionaries 1910-1930?"

This proposal had been received quite well, nearly 20 users declared buying such sets, many sets each.

HaT is already producing Mexican/Latinoamericas Federales (=China Warlord) in the guise of
HaT Set 8292 British Infantry (Early)
and HaT Set 8272 WWI British Cavalry

Few years fast forward and recently Italieri give a hint they probably will produce well armed Zapatistas/Pancho Villa in sombreros (dismounted?): ... 5639088054
since such set had won in their FB voting (also a tip for HaT about popularity!): ... 3683177583

Still no poorly armed peasant Mexican revolutionaries. Or any other peasant revolutionaries. At all.

And such sets would sell by dozens, since peasant revolutionaries army are usually numerous.

So I started to reworking my old idea:


Whole story here: ... 6&cmd=show

Feel free to comment. Please show support, if You are interested.
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