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Mars 30 Year War figures

Posted by Wolfie65 on 16 Jan 2017, 15:14

Having done a few days of research on Plastic Soldier Review and the website of my favorite (currently only) 1/72 supplier, I took advantage of a sale and got myself a bunch of boxes from this range, a little apprehensive about what I found find inside, the reviews on PSR aren't exactly glowing.
To some degree, I'm actually pleasantly surprised, the figures aren't that bad.
They do not approach the standards of Italeri or Zvezda - or even Airfix - but I think their look suits the period quite well, I suspect they might have been inspired by various paintings and woodcuts from the era.
They remind me a little bit of Games Workshop miniatures, being rather chunky and somewhat cartoonish, in fact, if someone felt like building a Warhammer Fantasy Empire army in 1/72 scale, the Mars TYW range would be a great place to start......
The sculpting is a little...uneven...pretty sure the Imperial Heavy Cavalry, Swedish Heavy Cavalry and Imperial Dragoons were done by 3 different sculptors, but hey, people don't all look the same, either.
Not yet, anyway.
The pikes might present a little bit of a problem, you literally have to carve them out of sheets of plastic, which is going to require an extremely sharp knife and a VERY steady hand.
There's going to be some mixing and matching, since most of the soldiers of the various factions looked more or less the same anyway, and there really weren't any uniforms as such, so just because it says 'Spanish Tertio' on the box doesn't mean they will end up being Spanish....... ;-)
I even got a screen shot of Aragorn at the battle of Rocroi in the bargain (Arquebusiers box).
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Posted by zirrian on 22 Jan 2017, 16:25

That Aragorn is from the movie Captain Alatriste ;) Viggo Mortensen played Alatriste in that.

Good luck with your project! I'm doing a Swedish army in 28mm with Warlord's figs. Hope they'll make some more plastic boxes soon.
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Posted by davbenbak1 on 27 Jan 2017, 16:49

I agree. The Mars figures are not quite as bad as described on PSR. Since I have a vast horde of Revell figures I haven't used many of the Mars brand other than for some cavalry, command figures and Scottish mercenaries.
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