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Posted by PDA on 23 Nov 2016, 00:09

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I haven't seen any "Wish Lists" for a long time, so thought I might start one here. Shall we say, 5 items on your list? Here are my 5, in no particular order:

1/72 WW1 French Saint Chamond Tank (with a couple of crew figures or half figures)
1/72 WW1 French Schneider CA1 Tank (with a couple of crew figures or half figures)
1/72 WW1 British Tank Mark V (with a couple of crew figures or half figures)
1/72 WW1 French Senegalese Tirailleurs
1/72 WW1 French Spahis

I have no preference for who might make them; all of the companies have upped their game in terms of quality. (Also, I would hate to see people taking jabs at any company; can we stay positive, please)
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PDA  England
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26 Nov 2010, 00:56

Posted by zulu`s 1000`s of em on 23 Nov 2016, 18:41

First off, I would buy everything on PDA`s list, my five, in no particular order,1) LRDG figures for the Dragon trucks , plus on road watch etc 2) A good quality British Paratrooper set of heavy weapons including a vickers machine gun, 3in mortar and a six pounder anti tank gun, with a 70/30 mix of helmets/berets 3) One for the cottage industry guys, a set of wounded being evacuated from the hospital at Rorkes drift, my conversions are not good enough, a good sculptor needs to pick this up and run with it. 4) Colonial war wagons in plastic, both Boer ox wagon and British general service wagon 5) I hear the groans already.........Zulu warriors in regimental dress, this of course could be several sets, but one of any of the big regiments would do to start with.
zulu`s 1000`s of em  United Kingdom
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Posted by Graeme on 26 Nov 2016, 05:19

there's always Napoleonic wants but most of my major needs are covered or on the way. So my list is:

British dragoons for the Jacobite rebellion.
British artillery for above.
Jacobite cavalry.
Jacobite artillery.
No.5 is a toss up between an A7V and Dutch/Belgian Carabiniers, though I will have a look to see if anyone has the old Emhar model.

I'm happy to get the sets I want from any company but I will say that the two companies that made the Jacopbite Rebellion sets I have so far made a lovely job of them. more of the same would be fine.
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Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

Posted by Emperor on 27 Nov 2016, 23:50

1. Turkish infantry Napoleonic era (year 1806)
2.Austrian infantr of Eugen of Savoy (year 1717)
3. Hungarain cavalary of Mohacs era ( year 1526)
4. New WW1 Serbian infantry (better sculpted than HaT-year 1914)
5. Bulgarain army of XIV century (year 1330 )
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Posted by Jesse on 30 Nov 2016, 08:39

In no particular order:
1. Soviet Cold War tank crew
2. French Infantry War of Spanish Succession
3. Russian/French/Generic GNW/WSS dragoons/cavalry WITHOUT turned back coat ends
4. Figures for Iran-Iraq war and/or Arab armies for Arab-Israeli wars
5. Israeli army for Six day war/October war
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Jesse  Sweden
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