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caesar conquistadores - are there two versions?

Posted by Duron QelDroma on 25 Sep 2016, 15:30

I found this picture of the caesar set of conquistadores on the internet:

I noticed, that there are some poses, that are not in the common set, as seen here:

There is only one rider and the marching figure and one of the swordmen are also missing, but on the other hand there are two pikemen and a kneeling man firing a musket.

So I'm interested, if anyone has obtained these different figures. Are there two versions of this set or is this just a picture of a early test shot?

edit: here is also a painted example of the kneeling soldier:
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Posted by carlosfaro on 25 Sep 2016, 15:42

I realized that with the same pictures when the set was about to be released
I never saw those unknown figres again or in another pictures, so i I assumed they were just masters and test shots which never came to light...
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Posted by Paul on 25 Sep 2016, 17:16

Carlos is right. The pic is the exact same one that first appeared at the Caesers site.
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Posted by hodude on 27 Sep 2016, 17:28

There were three unproduced poses. The kneeling firing, the thrusting with a spear (on the far left of the first picture) and if you look in the top picture, third from the right in the back row, there is a third pose striking with a halberd.

Peter, at Caesar (not sure whatever happened to that guy), said many (or maybe just a few button-counters) customers complained about those three poses from the pre-production picture because Conquistadores wouldn't do those three things in real life against Aztecs or other native peoples. Perhaps kneeling with the matchlock would never happen, but it was said (by people who were obviously there in Mexico at the time ;-) ) that the spear and halberd pose wouldn't happen because that would be what you'd do against mounted men (and of course, the natives had no horses).

It's a shame because they are some of my favorite poses. When the poses were cancelled, there had already been a handful of them run. Someone connected with the company sold a few of them on ebay in late 2007 or early 2008. I was fortunate enough to get one of each. I've never seen them since. I seem to recall there are a couple other Caesar sets with similar poses (again poses that were cancelled for whatever reason) that there are only a few of, but I can't recall which ones right now.
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Posted by Duron QelDroma on 27 Sep 2016, 22:36

Thank you for this information. Very interesting!
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Posted by davbenbak on 03 Oct 2016, 15:36

I have relied on the Revell set for so many years because of the pikemen that I could use for early Italian Wars.
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Posted by bilsonius on 04 Oct 2016, 22:31

Looks as though the pike/spearman was left handed anyway, which would have reduced his usefulness a little...
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Posted by Dukebormi on 05 Oct 2016, 06:50

see picture
once bonus 2008!!! directly order
many figures had not yet been published (German 2008 not available)


this figures there were never appeared
not in my possession 2010!!!


sorry for my english

Greeting Gerrit
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Posted by MABO on 07 Oct 2016, 14:30

Can you tells us where Washington (?) and Napoleon have been available? I did not get it. Thanks
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