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3D Printing and 'down-scaling'

Posted by MicroWorld on 14 Sep 2016, 09:18

hodude wrote: I do not have the 3D equipment and so far I haven't had luck with the people on Shapeways. How can someone like me get figures made like the ones you showed?
I also have no special 3D-equipment - only usual PC and DAZ3D program ( I'm making 3d-models and sending it by e-mail to guy who has an own 3D-printer. He is printing my models, I pay money to him. One 50-mm figure cost me about 6-8$ (smaller figures are cheaper - proportionally to square of floor). But printed figures has a small horisontal stripes - it's a common disadvantage of midle-class 3D-printers. These three test figures were printed in 36-mm size. May be later I'll convert it to 1:72...
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Posted by cesar on 07 Oct 2016, 15:05


I am very interested both in your reduction method and your small injection machine
On regards of your "magic": Could you please give more details?

And regarding your injection process: Could you please give more information about this small injection machine?
What material do you employ to make the moulds?

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