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Airfix Tiger

Posted by M. Hazelton on 30 Apr 2009, 21:04

Is it accurate? For what period of the war?
M. Hazelton  United States of America
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Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 30 Apr 2009, 22:41


To be honest, the Airfix Tiger is not the best choice in accuracy (if you mean the German Tiger Tank). I would recommend Dragon. Especially the prepainted models from Dragon Armor. If you compare them with other kits, they are indeed masterly painted and built. And the price (I think approx. 20 USD or even less per Model) is OK. Very fine details, cool airbrush painting, and even Zimmerit coating....first choice!!!
If you don´t want to spend so much money you can look for "Trumpeter Ground Armor", also prepainted tanks with fine details and cheaper than dragon. Often sold via Ebay. I bought some of it for about 8 Euros per piece.

The Tiger saw first aciton in September 1942 at the Leningrad front, but only for testing and in very small numers, it was more common (if you can say so) at the battle of Kursk (summer 1943) and it was produced till August 1944.

Regards Thomas
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T. Dürrschmidt  Germany
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Posted by ModernKiwi on 30 Apr 2009, 22:49

It also saw servce in 1943 in North Africa in small numbers where is was a most unwelcome shock to the allied troops.
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Posted by luchs on 01 May 2009, 09:07

M. Hazelton wrote:Is it accurate? For what period of the war?

the airfix kit is based on the tiger there was at boytong tank museum in uk back in the 1960..
this was captured in tunisia in 1943 and sent back in england for evalution..
the airifx is out date end not particoaly good for wargaming ..
the airfix kit don't have the square box on the back of the turred and mount the firts type of the exaust pipe..
if you want a kit far better that airfix but non so complicate to built like dragoon you can opt for the revell tiger kits series..
are quite good and siply to build ... nsb_1.html
hope this help..
and rebember that the heller tiger kit is the same airifx kit
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