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Please read forum rules!

Posted by Kekso on 06 Jan 2023, 11:07

Okay guys, this will be my long and boring bla, bla. If you don't like to read it, at least read (again) forum rules:


I'm writing here as a moderator, not forum member.

After 2 difficult years, we had another one. In real life but also on this forum.
Some of our valued forum members passed away.
We had 2 or 3 massive spammer attacks (dozens were banned)
Our dear forum was down for significant number of days/week and many technical issues followed.
And nasty war started almost a year ago.

There are only 3 active admins/mods here on forum. We needed to take care for all I've mentioned above and some everyday stuff (correcting links, helping each other, checking posts etc.). Dad is also taking care of duels (not to mention organizing FIGZ) and Peter is taking care of competitions. Believe it or not, we're real persons. That means we work, we have families, we get sick, we get children, grandchildren and we loose our dearest. That means we cannot be here 24/7, we cannot react instantly. We just try to keep this place as friendly, nice, warm, free of politics and religion. On our own time, free of charge. we don't even ask milk and cookies for it. We even donate some small amount of money to forum each month.

And there are some members who think because they joined freely they can abandon forum rules. For example rule 3. No political or religious discussions do not apply to them. War is a nasty thing, I think we all agree. But let's stop there and leave our attitudes, beliefs and support for any side outside this forum (look at forum rule 6.). If you want to support any side, you can start your own forum about war in Ukraine and moderate it as you please, start your own Facebook group about that, write it on your Facebook, Twitter profile. If you are curious about some of forum member's attitudes then ask him his private email and you can discuss there. Mine is if some of you really wants to know what personally I think about war in Ukraine. But don't ask here, do not write it here.

And if someone of you are offended by what we do then most probably you don't respect what we do.
Are we doing it perfectly? Surely not. But we do it best of our capabilities. If you don't like it, why then you accepted forum rules? Have you read them at all? And please, do not threaten us that you will leave the forum. You've joined freely and you are free to leave. I won't apologize for doing my mod "job", I won't send you complementary figure free of charge just to stay. You started first by disrespecting our voluntary work on this forum. If you decide to leave, then leave. Just send PM "I'm leaving this forum for good". Do not try blackmail us. And do not send me PM's on this topic, please... I will ignore them.

Only thing I will apologize is about this post. It could be a bit harsh from my side but some people simply don't get it. Luckily, not many of them but still enough to write this.

I wish you and your families HNY!
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Peter on 09 Jan 2023, 15:55

Happy New Year Dalibor! :occasion:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Dad's Army on 09 Jan 2023, 21:10

Peter wrote:Happy New Year Dalibor! :occasion:

okey Happy new Year Dali :mrgreen:
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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