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Maximum number of log in attempts

Posted by Benno on 12 Jul 2022, 19:32

Hi all,

Most of you are currently getting a notification that you've reached the maximum number of log in attempts, and that you need to fill in a security question to continue. Unfortunately something or someone is trying to guess members' passwords, fails, then continues to the next member. This is very annoying but there is nothing I can do about it.

However I did set new requirements for passwords and am forcing all members to create a new, more safer password that is more difficult to guess. I highly recommend that you choose a password that is both easy to remember and hard to guess. A good idea is to make a sentence and use letters, symbols and numbers for each first letter.

For example:

Benno's Figures Forum is the greatest forum in the world for 1/72 scale miniatures

Then take the first letter/symbol/number for each word...

Benno's Figures Forum is the greatest forum in the world for 1/72 $cale miniatures

And you get a super safe password:


Of course I wouldn't use that exact password. ;-)

In general it's a good idea to create more safe passwords, as hackers are getting better at breaking into systems, anywhere.

A more safer password will make it practically impossible for them to break into your account.
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Benno  Netherlands

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Posted by Minuteman on 12 Jul 2022, 19:34

Thanks for your efforts to keep the Forum safe and alive, much appreciated.

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Minuteman  United Kingdom
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Posted by MABO on 12 Jul 2022, 20:02

Forget my question in the other threat...
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Posted by Konrad on 12 Jul 2022, 20:58

Too bad a few idiots require such an effort. :(
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by sansovino on 12 Jul 2022, 21:05

Thanks a lot for all! We will hope that the forum will work with these changes. It´s really a pleasure to return to your forum, Benno!
sansovino  Germany
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Posted by Rich W on 12 Jul 2022, 23:10

Yes, thanks for taking the time and effort to get it back up and running. Hopefully the forum will start to pick up again once people have updated their log ins.
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Posted by Dad's Army on 16 Jul 2022, 10:54

At this moment I deleted around 350 fake accounts who joined the forum the last few days.
The other moderators are banning all spam post, to keep the forum free of spam post...
This is why Benno is working on the login scripts, and as you we al hate this extra barrier to join the forum.
But it is at the moment a high issue where we are working on at the background.
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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Posted by MABO on 19 Jul 2022, 10:04

Thanks to all of you!!
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Posted by raph86 on 05 Aug 2022, 21:07

Good evening,
I'm sorry to reopen the subject, but for the past week I've been unable to log in from my mobile devices, mobile phone or tablet, because I can't move the correct answer from the CAPTCHA onto the screen.
Is it possible to modify the CAPTCHA response system so that it can be moved from the screen of a mobile device?
Thank you to all of you who keep the forum alive and protected.
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raph86  France
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