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Strange problem !

Posted by ImperialChief on 12 Feb 2017, 22:23

Hello Moderators,

i want to send a PM to Kekso and Peter with a question - but the PM System blocks it !?
One time said: sending to too mutch recipients ! ??????????
And other time the system do NOTHING !

In my outbox is also Nothing ! ???

Whats happend there ?

This is my question:
Why i cant edit my own posts ?
I found some mistakes in writing and i want to change !

Thanks for help !

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ImperialChief  Germany

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Posted by Peter on 13 Feb 2017, 10:29

Andy, just send you an answer by e-mail.

Global information for everyone: you can edit your post just a half hour after you posted it. After that time it will be locked automaticly! Changes can be made by Admins and Moderators. Just contact one of us and we will be pleased to help you.
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Peter  Belgium

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