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Important notice to all members

Posted by Kekso on 24 Jul 2015, 13:15

I would like to remind all members to read forum rules before posting and/or starting conversation in chatroom.

You can read forum rules HERE

Especially I would like to point out to chapter 3. This is forum about figures and their history. That doesn't mean it is forum about politics and nationality. So you can discuss about uniforms, weapons, tactics, battles, units, formations... That means talking about political history, modern politics and national issues (especially sensitive issues) is not allowed.

I'm posting this notice since we encountered breaking forum rules in several occasions in last period. We're trying to keep this forum as friendly as possible, where everybody is welcome (as long they follow forum rules). So, don't abuse that guys.

Breaking rules, especially with such sensitive topics will result in permanent banning from forum. So, guys, paint figures and have fun rather than wasting time on politics.
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