Miscellaneous Napoleonic Cavalry

Posted by Ochoin on 17 May 2023, 04:53

One of the nicest sets of figures painted as they deserve. Your work is truly excellent.

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Ochoin  Scotland
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Posted by Bill Slavin on 17 May 2023, 13:39

I completely agree with Donald on both accounts. These look fantastic and will always be one of my favourite Italeri sets.
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Bill Slavin  Canada

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Posted by Bessiere on 17 May 2023, 19:55

You're in luck if you want casualty figures since Linear A, Franznap and Speira all have sets recently released. The Linear A are already sold out where I shop so you might want to move quickly to secure a set. The Speira are really great figures but the swords and scabbards are very easily broken off. The Linear A have a bit of flash and contain dragoon, lancer, carabiner and cuirassier figures. I should be receiving the Franznap soon so I can let you know what I think of those once they arrive.
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Posted by raph86 on 18 May 2023, 09:22

Another nice addition to your cavalry.
I myself painted this reference with great pleasure two years ago.

For the linear losses, I find the figures too big compared to the others except maybe with the zvezda and with too many moulding lines and deformation. The Franznap are just beautiful and for speira, I have the 3D files so I'll print some as soon as possible to see how they look but the advantage is to be able to modify the scale to your liking.
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raph86  France
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Posted by PatrickJ71 on 18 May 2023, 13:48

Wow, k.b.: 24 beautifully painted dragoons!
Very smooth and detailed painting as always.
I find it difficult to keep up a high standard when painting multiple figures, but you don't seem to have that problem.
Thanks for sharing,
PatrickJ71  Belgium
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 18 May 2023, 18:25

Wonderful dragoons, k.b. Great figures they are! :love:

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Santi Pérez  Spain
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Posted by Peter on 19 May 2023, 22:03

Wonderfull! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by MABO on 20 May 2023, 03:43

My respect for finishing this cool cavalry unit. Like a lot of other members here, I like the Italeri Dragoons. They were released when I strted with the hobby so they are a milstone for me. Your painting is once more impressive. I am looking forward to see more of your skills.

And of course I am waiting for the cossacks! ;-)
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MABO  Europe
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Posted by k.b. on 24 May 2023, 23:26

Thanks gents for your comments which are always most welcome. Both Donald and Bill agree that these Italeri French Dragoons are a fantastic set and I dare say they are my favourite set out until today.
Your information Bessiere regarding casualty sets was enlightening as I was completely unaware that Franznap had several sets of casualty figures available. The Speira figures, indeed like any other 3D printed figures don’t inspire me at all. For me they are cold, they have no soul. Even Strelets figures, none of which I own, have something magical about them that 3D printed figures don’t seem to have up to now. The Linear figures I shall - sooner or later - get hold of although I am reluctant to spend a lot on minis that need lots of flash and mouldlines removed. As for Franznap’s it’s crazy that up to now I haven’t really got to grips with Francesco’s minis despite having several sets of his French Hussars. Not sure until today if I was disappointed with them or not. For me they’re a bit too skinny and the horses were a big disappointment overall, even though their positions are tremendous. I just found that the details that put figures into the outstanding category were for some reason missing on Franznap’s figures. I feel he has rushed so much to get a huge variety out there on the market, but maybe he cut corners when it came to quality control. Saying that, the proportions are probably more accurate than most 1/72 miniatures on the market.
When I have finished sculpting some Cossack heads (cheers for the subtle reminder Mabo) and converted a few dragoons I might get down to seriously tackling some of Francesco’s hussars…… up to now I have merely toyed with the idea. And I most definitely want to get round to sculpting some minis of my own. It’s so easy to criticise…… perhaps I shall be more sympathetic once I find out how hard it really is.
Thank you kindly Patrick for your remarks even if by my count there are 25 figures out there up to now (but more are still in the pipeline) and not the 24 you mentioned. Appearances can be deceiving and I assure you I do have difficulties keeping my miniatures to a similar standard. In truth it’s why my turnout is so slow, and probably explains why I jump around from 1 regiment to another, even from one scale to another. Procrastination and the tedium demon are also often the culprits for keeping my productivity very low.
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