The Battle of Antietam ( Sharpsburg) 17th September 1862

Posted by Rich W on 03 May 2022, 23:09

It's hard to think of new positives to describe your work Chris. Excellent photos. The casualty figures always look so good and natural and enhance each scene. Looking forward to the next instalment!
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Posted by Minuteman on 04 May 2022, 22:09

Magnificent and monumental...and still only two hours into the battle! Very fine indeed. :yeah:
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Posted by Peter on 08 May 2022, 09:21

This reads like a book and looks like a movie! Fantastic! :thumbup:
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Posted by C M Dodson on 13 May 2022, 20:20

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments which help keep the enthusiasm going.

Bill is right in that the poor chap has indeed lost his head. He was formerly a Hat British light Bob, converted to a Belgian for Quatre Bras and now has ended his days at Antietam .

Many of the casualties as per the ‘ work in progress’ section, are converts from previous Napoleonic actions.

The problem is that there are never enough for an action as large as this.

Mansfield is about to test Jackson’s battered command and the colossus known as Second Corps with another eight hundred figures is on the way .

Lots to do.

Best wishes,

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Posted by huib on 16 May 2022, 11:32

Wow, it´s all so dramatic and realistic. Really admirable how you manage to catch these war scenes.
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