27th Inniskilling

Posted by Michael Robert on 04 Jan 2021, 20:51

Egberg, just by painting - and some converting - you turn these into masterpieces.
I like your red. Me too, I mix red and brown for the British. Mine is more brick red, yours deep brown red. It looks class
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Michael Robert  France

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Posted by Egbert on 09 Jan 2021, 11:42

Hello friends,
it is always nice to read your great comments
and that's balm for my soul ...
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Egbert  Germany
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Posted by Patrick71 on 24 Jan 2021, 17:53

I can't add much that hasn't been said in comments before:
splendid job on that old set that reminds me of my childhood.
Patrick71  Belgium
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18 Jan 2021, 21:19

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