Men Of Gondor

Posted by carlosfaro on 14 Oct 2020, 23:49

Hi, I show you the personal version of the warriors of the Kindgom of Gondor that I imagined and painted..

Different from Peter Jackson/Games Workshop guys, with more Late roman/Byzantinian or even feudal norman inspiration...

More info and pictures at



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Posted by OwenChpw on 15 Oct 2020, 00:36

I love this new take on a familiar concept, still a recognisable Gondor colour scheme, but with different silhouettes!
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Posted by Wiking on 15 Oct 2020, 01:47

Go, Gondor, go!
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Posted by tom s on 15 Oct 2020, 03:19

always thought that orions byzantines would be good for the men of gondor.well done.
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Posted by PaulRPetri on 15 Oct 2020, 15:46

I Love it Carlos!! Great painting!! I loved LOTR in the 1970's so my concept of things predates Jackson by many decades. Keep up the great work.
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Posted by KenzoSato on 15 Oct 2020, 16:41

:yeah: :yeah:
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 15 Oct 2020, 22:13

Only one of them is a real Gondor figure from Caesar Miniatures, that one the rear left. :mrgreen:

Great work, carlosfaro. :thumbup:

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Posted by Peter on 17 Oct 2020, 16:06

Great work Carlos! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by PhilC on 18 Oct 2020, 21:45

Excellent conversions once more. The result seems obvious, you made a perfect choice with these Byzantines.
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