Waffen SS Forward Headquarters

Posted by big p from gmg on 11 Feb 2020, 00:33

A Waffen SS Forward HQ for Battlegroup using half the figures from the AB Winter German Officers (AB-ING30) pack, painted up as late-war Waffen SS for the winter of 44-45.



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big p from gmg  Ireland
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Posted by Bluefalchion on 11 Feb 2020, 04:40

Okay we are going to need a step-by-step tutorial...
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Bluefalchion  United States of America
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Posted by Peter on 22 Feb 2020, 22:02

Bluefalchion wrote:Okay we are going to need a step-by-step tutorial...

That is what I call a good idea! :-D
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Ben90 on 23 Feb 2020, 00:45

Great paintjob! The camo looks brilliant!
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Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 25 Feb 2020, 19:40

Great as Always. Amazing camo schemes (also as always)….
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T. Dürrschmidt  Germany
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