AB Zeltbahns...

Posted by big p from gmg on 02 Jan 2020, 11:24

Germans to start off 2020... and ones from the newish AB Germans in zeltbahns...





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big p from gmg  Ireland
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26 Jun 2010, 02:25

Posted by Ben90 on 02 Jan 2020, 15:33

Very nicely painted figures. Great work on the camo!
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Ben90  Germany
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28 Apr 2011, 23:32

Posted by Bluefalchion on 02 Jan 2020, 19:43

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Bluefalchion  United States of America
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Posted by Mai Strac on 03 Jan 2020, 09:35

:shock: Terrific work on that camo!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
How do you feel with the AK colors?
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Mai Strac  Italy
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11 Jan 2009, 19:08

Posted by santifernandez on 03 Jan 2020, 21:10

Great job!!!!
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santifernandez  Spain
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20 Oct 2010, 14:51

Posted by Hellboy on 04 Jan 2020, 15:52

Amazing! :drool: Great figures masterfully painted! A little work of art! Congratulations !!! :-D
I love the AK color sets! Very helpful ... :yeah:
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Hellboy  Germany
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10 Feb 2016, 19:34

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Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 12 Jan 2020, 21:44

Incredibly good adaption of that camo scheme in a tiny scale.

We have an original Zeltbahn at home. My father in law worked for the post in the 60s and they used ww2-Zeltbahn as cover for their bicyles.
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T. Dürrschmidt  Germany
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01 Oct 2008, 18:33

Posted by Bill Slavin on 15 Jan 2020, 01:11

Beautiful figures beautifully painted! The camouflage is amazingly well done.
Bill Slavin  Canada
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24 Oct 2016, 14:55

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