Gallo-Roman Temple in Winter Landscape

Posted by Mr. Andrea on 09 Jan 2020, 11:22

All that has been said above, I second it! Simply fantastic! I can feel the quite brought by the snow, the muffled sounds, the whispering of the druids not to break the enchantment. Bravo!
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Mr. Andrea  Europe
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Posted by sberry on 12 Jan 2020, 09:17

One again, many thanks for all your comments!

Graeme wrote:It's been a while since I saw this kind of winter but that's just how I remember it.

I took the background pictures for the diorama almost exactly one year ago, around the middle of January. So in 2019 it was cold and there was at least a bit of snow at that time. This year, where I live not a trace of snow...
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sberry  Germany
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