Winter Werfers

Posted by Fire at Will on 12 Oct 2019, 08:30

A couple of Nebelwerfers that have been lurking at the back of the painting tray finally got finished.
I had debated for a while getting the Italeri Nebelwerfer set, whenever I saw it on B&Bs, but the prices were never tempting enough. While sorting thought some figures donated by Peter B I came across a similar set, but in metal. These were painted up and then combined with a pair of Werfers that had come with some die-casts. These were fixed in the towed position so some careful cutting and glueing was needed to change them over.
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Posted by C M Dodson on 12 Oct 2019, 17:07

Very nice work indeed.

You can feel the cold.

Best wishes,

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Posted by Kekso on 20 Oct 2019, 13:01

I like the topic and the results
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Posted by Peter on 24 Oct 2019, 21:25

Excellent work Will! I like the weathering on the werfers! :thumbup:
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Posted by Beano Boy on 25 Oct 2019, 01:39

i pity the poor soldiers on the receiving end.
Well done Will, :thumbup: they look real cool in a red hot sort of way. BB
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