Musician of the month: tambourine player

Posted by PhilC on 12 Nov 2018, 22:05

Every month, I paint a musician, and from times to times I try to paint something unexpected. I hope the goal is achieved :mrgreen:

Let me introduce you a young Roman tambourine player, together with friends:



Figures by Linear-B (Roman Port 2).

A few more pictures here:
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PhilC  Europe

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Posted by Wiking on 13 Nov 2018, 05:23

Her so called music is without any rhythm.
So they can`t collect enough money to afford clothes for all.

Very nice painted.
I think it was not so easy to paint the man and girl to look like that.
And a really nice idea to do that pose to musicians.

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Wiking  Germany
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Posted by Graeme on 13 Nov 2018, 18:13

PhilC wrote:I try to paint something unexpected. I hope the goal is achieved

Well I didn't expect it.

A very nicely painted athletic looking musician, and the manequin delivery man looks really good too (I assume that's what he's doing :mrgreen: ).
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Graeme  Australia
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Posted by Roland_Kupski on 14 Nov 2018, 03:18

Very fine painting and nice figures!

(a little hint: as far as can be known and seen at erotic pictures and statues roman woman were shaved)
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Roland_Kupski  Germany
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Posted by huib on 14 Nov 2018, 17:26

Lovely painting!
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huib  Netherlands
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