Ancient greeks - DBA II/5b and II/5c

Posted by Mr. Andrea on 25 Sep 2018, 15:45

Finally!! Got some time to post pictures of some armies for DBA that I painted during this year. Not only Romans and Romans foes. Some steps back in time and here come two ancient Greek armies: Athenians and Thebans. They will soon face each other on the battlefield. In the meantime, let's review the troops.











Few more pictures in my blog
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Mr. Andrea  Germany
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Posted by PhilC on 25 Sep 2018, 17:38

Hi Mr Andrea, what a nice job!! Your armies are great and the bases awesome, perfect for the Mediterranean area :) Congratulations !!
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PhilC  France
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11 May 2015, 18:32

Posted by Graeme on 25 Sep 2018, 17:41

Very impressive classical wariors and the basing looks geographically very good.
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Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

Posted by Konrad on 25 Sep 2018, 17:45

Very very nice!
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by Ben90 on 25 Sep 2018, 17:47

Third picture, the hoplite on the very left... he really caught my attention! The blue shield with the white bird... and brilliant work on the face. Not to mention all the other great figs I see...
And is this non-metallic-metal? If so, it looks fantastic! If not, the true-metallic-metal looks fantastic :mrgreen:
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Ben90  Germany
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Posted by Kekso on 25 Sep 2018, 20:28

So nice. Eye candies.
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Posted by Wiking on 25 Sep 2018, 20:36

Fantastic painting !
All figures. All the same high level !
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Wiking  Germany
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Posted by Kostis Ornerakis on 25 Sep 2018, 22:47

WOW! Wonderful! :yeah: :-D
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Kostis Ornerakis  Greece
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Posted by Susofrick on 26 Sep 2018, 08:10

Wow! Looks great!
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by Photoro Man on 28 Sep 2018, 21:26

Looking incredibly great, but I recommend to do some conversions of the figures in order to create more diversity. That easy plastic makes head swaps etc. more than easy ;-)
Photoro Man  
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09 Aug 2013, 16:06

Posted by Santi Pérez on 29 Sep 2018, 18:20

Amazing paintwork, Mr. Andrea. I love specially the shields, the tunics, the helmets' plumes, the armours, the weapons, the horses...Am I forgetting anything? Oh, yes, the bases. I think everything is great. :notworthy:

Very well done, congratulations. :yeah:

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Santi Pérez  Spain
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Posted by Bill Slavin on 30 Sep 2018, 14:03

Really nice painting. So crisp and vibrant!
Bill Slavin  Canada
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Posted by ToneTW on 05 Oct 2018, 22:45

Absolutely amazing work! :yeah: :love: :love: :love:
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ToneTW  United Kingdom
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