Ancient Pile Driver machine

Posted by Phersu on 15 Jul 2018, 14:35

One year and half already passed, from when I made the firts prototype and shown it...


Now I finally get to make the molds and cast the first copies of the my pile driver machine! :-D


My project is to make a diorama of the construction of the famous bridge on the Rhine, built from Caesars legions... but I don't know when I'll find the time to do it! :eh:

Making this model was probably the most difficult part, it took me almost one month... then one year and half waiting before to find the time to make the molds and cast copies (I need at least 3 of these machines to make a realistic scene)
Now I hope it doest take 10 years to make the rest... the figures and the diorama with the bridge... to complete this project!



Some details close ups...



The model unpainted...


More images at higher resolution here on my website: ... n-machines
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Phersu  Italy
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Posted by C M Dodson on 17 Jul 2018, 07:31

This is not my era but the model is lovely.

A lot of hard work here.

Best wishes,

C M Dodson  United Kingdom
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Posted by MABO on 08 Aug 2018, 08:50

Very unique model for special dios. I really like it and accept my respect for all the details.
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MABO  Germany
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