King's German Legion

Posted by Bill Slavin on 22 Jan 2018, 22:20

I've finally finished my Peninsular British (for now - I'm sure I will be back, but these are all the figures in my box for now!) This time up is the KGL. I ran out of the sergeant and commander figures I was using to convert into ensigns, so this time carved up one of the standing infantry figures. A bit more work, as he was sporting backpack, rifle, cartridge box, etc. that all had to go but the stance was right (it's the figure with the blue regimental flag).

Also I've included a couple of shots of the four regiments I have done to date, the 3rd, 45th, 88th and KGL. Now on to some Italians and then, hopefully, some beautiful metal Portuguese that I have wanted to order from Hagen miniatures for ages and finally will!





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Posted by Wiking on 22 Jan 2018, 22:46

High painting quality standard as usual.
Nothing new!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
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