Saxon Regimental Flags

Posted by FredG on 03 Jan 2018, 12:52

I've now completed the figures carrying the regimental flags. As stated previously the plastic on these is not exactly conducive to a obtaining a decent finish when carving lumps off but they'll do, they add a bit of colour to the set
These are Officers and NCOs that I'd consigned to the spares box so I wasn't losing any of the figures already allocated to roles. The easiest conversion is to just exchange the flag standards for the halberds that the set NCOs are carrying but I didn't want to lose the halberds.


Regiments, left to right; Prinz Xavier / Prinz Frederick August / von Niesemeuschel / von Sanger


Regiments, left to right; Prinz Maximillian / Prinz Anton / von Thümmel / von Low

That Grenadier Officer definitely looks like Lee Marvin, especially with the grey hair and 'tache. :-D
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