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Posted by Phersu on 22 Dec 2017, 19:24

In the last months I had a lot of works to do, and never enough time to update about the latest news or to reply comments... I reguarly give a quick look but never have time to post the deserved appreciations and congratulations to to all your great works, I apologize! :oops:
So now, while wishing to all of you a good Christmas and all the best in the next year... i take the occasion also to thank you for all the appreciations and compliments for my previous works... and to show the latest! ;-)

The last I finished yesterday, two Legionaries with Corso dogs... a nice subject suggested by a dear friend, and somehow my attempt to portrait his dog!



Then two remakes of my old works. ;-)

The Mother of a Partisan, new version!

Few months ago I received a request for the Partisan's Mother, one of my first sets made over 10 year ago, based on the famous painting of Sergej Vasil'evic Gerasimov.
But compared to my recent works, it was quite embarrassing to sell such old rough figures... so, since the costumer could wait few months, I decided that that such set deserved and was worth a new improved version, this time not conversions but totally sculpted with 10 more years experience, and also with a little help from my friend Massimo Costa! ;-)
It was a good occasion to celebrate 10 years figures making!


I must state a disclaimer... since showing this figures on facebook caused a controversy.
I didn't ever expect to find someone so stupid to think I could be comunist because I made Gerasimov painting, but I was totally astonished last week when I've been accused to be a nazifascist by a very rude unknown modeler for the same reason!!!
Even more irritate immediately afterwards (but also laughing) to find someone equally stupid by the opposite side, between all the others that obviuosly took my side in this controversy. :xd:
But since everybody knows how stupid and rude some people can become, especially when it comes to politics and national or ethinc or religious and prides and rivalities... I was not so surprise after all, and rather hilariuosly amused than offended by these pathetic haters! :mrgreen:
Sorry for this off-topic!

Let's back to figures, then the Carabinieri musical band.

The old Atlantic set, the fist they produced around 1970 as far as I know, had only 5 figures and just 3 with musical instruments (the first 5 from the left in the images)... too few to represent even a small band.

So one of my first attempts of figure conversions was to add some more instruments to these Atlantic figures... this was the first I made in 2006.

Last summer a new costumer (and now a friend too) asked me for these figures, but when i made those conversions in 2006 I didn't made molds and resin castings yet.
But I liked the idea, and we decided to share the cost and make a new improved version, this time to be csated... at least in few copies on request at the moment, we hope to produced in series too if there will be enough requests.

Apart from the Bandmaster which is almost completely resculpted, the rest are simple toysoldiers conversions rather than quality figures, just few retouches to keep them compatible with the original set... but sculpting the instruments in 1/87 scale was quite tricky!

And here it is the band expansion, still not a complete band, but with 18 different figures it makes a much better visual effect than just with 5! ;-)

Some more images of these figures in the relative galleries of my website: ... /galleries
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 23 Dec 2017, 02:06

As always, your creations are top ten master works. I love specially the Carabinieri band. :drool:

Congratulations, Leonardo. :thumbup:

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Posted by Neman on 23 Dec 2017, 10:10

Dog look so fantastic !!!!
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Posted by Wiking on 24 Dec 2017, 16:12

They play "The little Dummer boy" !!!
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Posted by sberry on 25 Dec 2017, 10:29

Neman wrote:Dog look so fantastic !!!!

Yes, and it is one of those topics that have not been made before - although it is well known that the Romans used watchdogs. Great idea!
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Posted by Alex on 27 Dec 2017, 21:36

Hi, Leo !
all your pieces are super !!
Special thanks to you for the figures on the painting by Gerasimov.
Do not pay attention to the evil dwarfs ! )))
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Posted by sansovino on 31 Dec 2017, 18:38

I like your partisans and romans ...
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