Nap. Russian Artillery

Posted by matgc on 05 Dec 2017, 14:55

matgc  Brazil
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13 May 2016, 13:02

Posted by FredG on 05 Dec 2017, 15:33

I like these, nicely painted

Health and Safety would shut them down immediately though. There would be at least a 50% casualty rate on the first salvo :shock: ;-)
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FredG  United Kingdom
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09 Dec 2011, 21:47

Posted by Bill Slavin on 08 Dec 2017, 15:12

Very nice! You continue to astound.
Bill Slavin  Canada
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24 Oct 2016, 14:55

Posted by sansovino on 10 Dec 2017, 16:54

Wonderful done and painted. Do you use them for wargaming? Or why you have choosen such a small base for them. It isnt´t a critique, it´s really a question.
sansovino  Germany
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27 Mar 2014, 21:42

Posted by C M Dodson on 11 Dec 2017, 10:02

Beautifully painted and based. Unfortunately as Fred G has pointed out the first discharge will probably be their last!

Best wishes, Chris
C M Dodson  United Kingdom
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01 May 2015, 18:48

Posted by matgc on 12 Dec 2017, 13:52

Sansovino, yes, I play with them (Black Powder), hence the need to keep footprint down. Cheers.
matgc  Brazil
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13 May 2016, 13:02

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