Posted by Paul on 18 Nov 2017, 15:34

"Ancient" Amazon Cavalry
A couple of close ups with Mild nudity HERE
"Modern" Amazon Cavalry
A couple of Close ups HERE
"Modern" Amazon infantry
A couple of Close ups with (be warned) a wee bit of nudity  HERE
"Ancient" Amazon infantry
A couple of close ups with the entire Amazon army and some  Mild nudity HERE
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Paul  China

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Posted by PhilC on 18 Nov 2017, 15:51

Great work, nice (and large) warbands !!
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PhilC  Europe
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Posted by sowabud on 18 Nov 2017, 16:02

I would say sexy warband, I love them!
sowabud  Poland
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Posted by Peter on 03 Jan 2018, 22:45

Great work on these female warriors Paul! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Beano Boy on 04 Jan 2018, 01:49

It`s Great to see those warriors painted up Fine and Dandy . :thumbup: BB
Beano Boy  England
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Posted by Susofrick on 04 Jan 2018, 08:58

The less clothes the less laundry. Nice to see them!
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by Carlos on 04 Jan 2018, 15:01

Amazing amazons!
Painting skin is always a challenge that you overcome very well.
I like how you have combined the colors and you have made the bronze of the helmets and the shields look good.
Great Job,
Carlos  Argentina
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19 Sep 2016, 14:41

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