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Posted by sansovino on 28 Oct 2017, 16:33

Absolutly awful perfect on the top! Every photo, every detail and figure is impressive well done. Thanks a lot for posting this wonderful diorama. What will been your next?
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Posted by christophe on 06 Nov 2017, 11:14

Hello guys,
it was a long time that I did not attend our forum ..... and it is always with much admiration that I discover the Egbert's dioramas. that's wonderful ! the idea is brilliant, the perfect realization, as much for the decor as for the figurines. The quality of the painting remains exceptional. I hope I can enjoy it one day in live. Congratulations
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christophe  France
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Posted by Ray.Caruana on 06 Nov 2017, 12:53

Love it!! :love: :shock:
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Ray.Caruana  Malta
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Posted by santifernandez on 06 Nov 2017, 20:51

Full of beautiful details, the disposition of the figures ... the water, everything is real. This is the type of modeling that inspires and excites. :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
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santifernandez  Spain
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Posted by Peter on 01 Jan 2018, 21:13

This is just a so realistic and fantastic work I can't stop watching it! Top class Egbert! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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