Dixie Soldiers

Posted by Arbogastiz on 12 Oct 2017, 20:41

Hi, this time not Nappies, but I'm still painting XIX c. soldiers :) I didn't paint them as particular regiment, it's rather generic glance at Rebs uniforms.
Greetings, Chris
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Posted by Bramble15 on 13 Oct 2017, 00:19

Excellent work. Love the uniform variations. Very well done.
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Bramble15  United States of America
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Posted by Wiking on 13 Oct 2017, 04:22

I will follow the steps of Bramble.

Ecellent work.
I am impressed.
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Wiking  Germany
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Posted by Susofrick on 13 Oct 2017, 07:37

I'm not that fond of these Italeris, but I love your painting of them! And the variation, which I think was rather common.
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by C M Dodson on 13 Oct 2017, 08:05

Very nice indeed. Lovely painting that brings these stalwarts to life.

Best wishes.

C M Dodson  United Kingdom
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Posted by panzerman825 on 16 Oct 2017, 07:01

Nicely painted Rebs! Cool thing about Southern troops is the variety of dress in their battle field uniforms.
Keep having fun. Bill
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panzerman825  United States of America
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