1/72. Medieval Boar hunting. Figures by Alex.

Posted by Eugenij on 15 Sep 2017, 06:28

Hallo friends!
My last work is dedicated another medieval plot. The dio show to us last sharp moment, when hunter and Boar have chance ;-)
I hope you like these men, dogs and aper :-)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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Eugenij  Russia
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16 Jan 2016, 05:37

Posted by Hellboy on 15 Sep 2017, 06:45

Speechless! :shock: Incredible! :drool: Fantastic! :-D

Beautifully painted figures, a very realistic design of the landscape and a fantastic base. This is art!

I really like it! Congratulations! :yeah:
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Hellboy  Germany
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10 Feb 2016, 19:34

Posted by Michel on 15 Sep 2017, 07:01

WOW...! Again a masterpiece! The Colors are very lifelike...! I like the Dogs very much...!!!!!
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Michel  Germany
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02 Apr 2008, 08:21

Posted by Susofrick on 15 Sep 2017, 07:47

Very good! Have the set, but have just played with the dogs yet.
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Susofrick  Sweden
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19 Feb 2008, 12:10

Posted by Kostis Ornerakis on 15 Sep 2017, 08:45

Wonderful work! :thumbup:
My compliments! :-D
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Kostis Ornerakis  Greece
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14 Feb 2016, 18:16

Posted by dirk on 15 Sep 2017, 09:04

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


absolute fantastic !

The painting is very detailed - I like it very much !!!
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dirk  Germany
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11 Dec 2008, 14:00

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Posted by Graeme on 15 Sep 2017, 16:33

A beautiful scene. Excellent painting, scenery and composition and very dynamic posing. I love the Tri-colour hound.

That bloke on foot with the spear is earning his pay :shock: .
Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

Posted by Wiking on 15 Sep 2017, 16:56

All great things about this fantastic Dio is already written by the members who post faster as I do.
Unusual is the small stripe of grass going down.

I like the sound of the trumpeter. :mrgreen:
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Wiking  Germany
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14 Sep 2015, 10:03

Posted by Ben90 on 15 Sep 2017, 20:07

Awesome! Really nice atmosphere by the colorful autumn-leaves on the tree.
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Ben90  Germany
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28 Apr 2011, 23:32

Posted by Kekso on 16 Sep 2017, 08:50

Hellboy wrote:Speechless!

Me too. I have no proper words for this piece of art.
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Dad's Army on 16 Sep 2017, 08:57

WOW, what a scene with action in it.
I know the figures of Alex are awesome, but the way you made this vignette complete...
Yeah, a big compliment and jealous here....
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Egbert on 16 Sep 2017, 11:18

Hello Eugenij,
An absolutely perfect dio in every respect...
The groundwork, the base, the background, the nice painted figures,
autumnal atmosphere - which fits exactly to this hunting Scene,
everything lovingly combined... :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
more can not be expected. :notworthy:
Great stuff
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Egbert  Germany
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16 Oct 2008, 06:47

Posted by Eugenij on 17 Sep 2017, 08:29

Thank you, friends! I spent a lot of time for this did! One of my main targets was creating atmosphere! And your replies say to me that I complete this mission :-)
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Eugenij  Russia
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16 Jan 2016, 05:37

Posted by lirui on 18 Sep 2017, 14:55

Really fantastic autumn ! :drool:
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lirui  China
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12 Jun 2014, 15:21

Posted by Bill Slavin on 19 Sep 2017, 01:03

So nice! I really like the basing of the scene and subject matter - and the painting is so well done.
Bill Slavin  Canada
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24 Oct 2016, 14:55

Posted by MABO on 22 Oct 2017, 19:44

So nice to see you back here with another masterpiece of art. So is there still hope you will finish the Pikemen for the Road to Arnhem? ;-) :mrgreen: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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MABO  Germany
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