Russian GNW cavalry

Posted by fabriziodavi on 30 Apr 2017, 18:34

Some Russian dragoon, all from the Strelets box:





More pictures and informations on my blog

Cheers, Fabrizio
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fabriziodavi  Italy
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07 Feb 2011, 21:41

Posted by Wiking on 30 Apr 2017, 21:44

For lower quality modeled figures in these forum you sometimes read that the painter do the best with his painting.

In this case it look to me that you do a :-D paint job. That show us how clumsy and simple the sculpting of these figure, horse are.
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Wiking  Germany
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14 Sep 2015, 10:03

Posted by Bluefalchion on 30 Apr 2017, 21:57

These mounted soldiers may not be material for an award winning diorama because of the limitations of the sculpted figures, but they are perfectly suitable for the tabletop in a nice war game. You have done quite a nice job with them. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Bluefalchion  United States of America
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