Tannenberg 1410

Posted by Leonid Kireev on 20 Sep 2020, 16:22

C M Dodson wrote:Very nice indeed.

Super painting, lovely composition with a ‘bustle’ of activity.

Personally I would use sea foam trees to compliment your excellent groundwork rather than plastic ones.

Super work.

Best wishes,


Thank! I will experiment with trees and vegetation :-D

Kekso wrote:Well, that was some project... 8 years!? :shock:

This is only the first diorama. How many more different figures I have! Now I'm preparing the next module) 8)

OwenChpw wrote:Wow very impressive. I especially like the fire. Also fantastic work on the minis of course. I may have to borrow ideas for my own knightly orders at some point.

Thank you! It will be interesting to see your work!

Bill Slavin wrote:Very nice! I love your controlled, crisp painting on the figures and the entire diorama is nicely conceived and executed. Well done!

Thank! I think it will be more interesting further, especially the moments of combat and hand-to-hand combat!

Ben90 wrote:Veery cool! Thanks for posting!

Thanks Ben! No problem! ;-)

Peter wrote:
Kekso wrote:Well, that was some project... 8 years!? :shock:

Well it was worth waiting for! ;-)

Wonderfull work Leonid! :thumbup:

Thank! It will be faster further) :xd: :xd:
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