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A hunting we will go!

Posted by Harry Faversham on 25 Mar 2020, 11:09

This is planet Earth, uninhabited for centuries, after all life there ended in a devastating plague…



Says the sad but eagle eyed, anorak wargamer.

“I can see life forms moving about!”

Correct El Saddo you can, in the bottom right can be seen the Bongoloids, a hunter/warrior race, who’s sucksess in life is measured by the size of the melon collection decorating their spaceship’s walls…


On the far left can be seen an even motlier crew, these are the Ecomentalists. Drawn from varied life forms throughout the Pooliverse, this quasi-religious bunch are united by the driving need to preserve life in all it’s forms. They achieve this end by employing the age old, and well proven method, of killing anyone selfish enough not to share their vision…


Both groups ship’s sensors have registered a life form on the long dead planet and have arrived to investigate…
The Bongoloids to hunt it down and add it’s rare bonce to their collection, the Ecomentalists to put a stop to this obscenity. The Ecomentalist’s ships sensors are vastly superior, telling them exactly where the new life form is located, both sides set off on the hunt!

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