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DBA battle report: Medieval French vs Late Swiss

Posted by Mr. Andrea on 04 Feb 2019, 14:51

Here we are again, Jan and myself, with another DBA battle report. For this new battle we changed the period and jumped ahead to the middle age. Jan leading the French and I playing the Swiss. No much suspense on the outcomes of the battle: Jan taught me a lesson this time! Nothing could the Swiss pikes against the mighty of the French knights and archers.

Full report here

The beginning of the battle....


....and its end

(yes, I will make better pictures next time :P )
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Mr. Andrea  Europe
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Posted by MABO on 04 Feb 2019, 18:27

Many thanks for such a detailed battlereport. Was a funny evening and the bows and the artillery changed the way one could play the game. I am still learning all the rules :oops: :-D :yeah:
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MABO  Europe
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Posted by carlosfaro on 04 Feb 2019, 19:44

Nice pics and scenario! I recently discovered this thread, I will post also something around
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