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Warhammer Ancient Battles 2nd ed on YouTube

Posted by Bert on 29 Nov 2010, 16:12

Hello there,

Saw the YouTube vid concerning the Black Powder rulebook done by Beasts of War mentioned in another wargame rules topic on this Forum. Long but very interesting review. Found another very interesting one dealing with the second edition Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook done by the same warbeasts (please wait for the clip, it comes right after the short commercial):

It is a shame the new rulebook is so expensive and only this hardcover version is available. However I like the Warhammer system. It strongly resembles Warhammer Fantasy Battles but without the magic and monsters. I play WFB for a couple of years now with my youngest son and some friends. Sometimes I think that there are a bit too many rules for this game to make it a fluid one. The basic mechanics do work in my opinion and its a fun game.


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Posted by steve_pickstock on 14 Jan 2011, 20:57

I forked out for the 2nd Ed rule book - I got a good deal at a show. Worth it just for the quality of the product.

We play WAB at our small club, there is something satisfying about a 2000pt WAB army in 1/72nd - the size and spectacle of it and the fact that it costs abot a 10th of a metal army and you can lift it with 1 hand. When you have two such armies battling across a 6ft by 4 foot table and it really is what wargaming is all about.

Of course we are lucky we have two rules computers - both of whom will willingly tell you what you need to roll, while you concentrate on the game.

I like WAB, I like the simplicity of the system, I even like the unpredictable nature of the game. That element makes it far more enjoyable than some rule sets with that
"If I do X, Y will happen and his units will do Z" thing going on.
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