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Moss Troopers redux

Posted by Ochoin on 15 Feb 2019, 23:17


I’m currently working on my Covenanter unit of “Moss Troopers” for our ECW games.

I acquired a mixed bunch of spare Covenanter Lancers & English dragoons to use in the 4 base (8 figure) unit from Tumbling Dice

This gives them a nicely heterogeneous appearance.

Six have been given blue bonneted heads & two sport helmets. I’ve armed those with open hands not with lances but pistols, dragoon muskets & broadswords.

The Field of Glory: Renaissance rules only allow light cavalry to the Scots. And only one, 4 base unit at that. These represent the lawless raiders of the Scottish Borders, some of whom did join the Covenant’s army.

Their virtues lie in them having the longest move distance (7 Mus), less effect of poor terrain & the ability to evade.

Their worst point is they probably won’t close to attack & would probably be beaten if they did so.

So in a battle line they are of little use but if you can get them behind enemy lines, they may cause some disruption.

I look forward to trying them out when finished.

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