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Battlegroup Kursk rule book

Posted by Bert on 21 Jun 2012, 20:13

Today I found an announcement by The Plastic Soldier Company of a new set of WW2 rules. It is written with 20mm figures and vehicles in mind. This new rule book will carry the name BATTLEGROUP KURSK and will be on the market in september 2012. The writer, Warwick Kinrade, is the same person that wrote the succesfull Kampfgruppe Normandy from Warhammer Historical. Perhaps this Kursk book is a kind of follow-up. The book is in pre-order now at The Plastic Soldier Company: http://www.theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk/
You can also find information about Battlegroup Kursk on the writers personal Blog: http://warwickkinrade.blogspot.nl/


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Posted by big p from gmg on 10 Jul 2012, 22:48

More info here on my blog as Im working on it with Warwick...

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