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Posted by Frater SINISTER on 20 May 2011, 11:10

The miniatures I ordered from Newline Designs are arrived.
These miniature are really nice, I like them. :love:
I will begin to paint a single Seleucid Cataphract, a modifiend Companion with Cataphract Horse or "Agema Cataphract" and a modified carthagian african veteran with pilum or "Imitation Legionary". But before begin to paint my Seleucid army, I will finish my parthian army. So, I do not know when I will finally finish this big Seleucid army (about 111 miniatures).

I saw that the caesar miniatures and some HAt miniatures are fine with ND scale. The scale should be about 23mm (using Plastic Soldiers Review), no more. In fact, Zvezda, Italeri and some HAT figures are too tall (longer legs) for the ND figures. I think will use HAT pathian light horse archers (scythian horse archers) and foot archers plus some archers from Caesar Persian Infantry (they are better and have the correct scale), for my "asian archers" (or simple buy some persian archers from ND). I will use the HAT Macedonian Elephant for my "African Elephant". This elephant is smaller that the Zvezda Elephant. It Should be fine for a smaller African Elephant.

Here the Army List I use for my Seleucid Army, from the Impetus wargame: (search "later Seleucid Army List")
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