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Black Powder

Posted by Martin on 15 May 2010, 22:33

I don't have intentions for wargaming, but I today I was at a players convention (board games and wargames) and I heard good news about the Black Powder rules.
Who have experience with these rules?
And are they satisfying?
Perhaps I can use the remarks/answers here when they ask me for it....
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Posted by Wheeling Turn on 16 May 2010, 17:51

I bought Black Powder at the Salute Show this year in London, after seeing two games played with them. I must say that they are quite fats play and concentrate on the abilities of the Officers, so bad officers are likely to have slower moving units, while better Generals have mostly faster models.
( a dice throw governs how many moves the units can do).
What I like about these rules is that you can play rather big battles in say 3-4 hours wit hundreds of models per side. Model scale is no problem, so can easy be used with 20mm scale figures.
One thing can be quite astonishing. No Casulty removal!!!!!
When a unit recieves casulties they put markers beside them until the amount of markers (2-4) reaches the break point. Then the unit breaks and has to be rallied. So you play some kind of moving diorama. For me these look good as it offers a fast playing game with quite historical behaviour without slowing the game down with too much details and book keeping. And on top it can be used for quite a variety of periods.
If you like I'll bring the rule book with me when I come to kampen, so yo can have a look.

cheers Markus
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Posted by Ochoin on 18 May 2010, 07:15

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