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Brethren, thinking caps on melons please...

Posted by Harry Faversham on 28 Oct 2021, 10:21

A fellow traveler needs yer sage wisdom!
Any devotee of the Neil Thomas OHW rules knows they're not as daft as they look, but contain a hidden message... they're the KISS Principle in action, so don't bugger about tweaking or you defeat the object. Having said that my Veteran Airfix warriors are going to Waterloo in the 'grand manner', and I want to represent rifle fire from within La Haye Sainte and the famous sandpit next to it.

1. Allow Rifleman the same shooting stats as Skirmishers in (D6 -2) the OHW rules, but give them an extra 3" range.

2. Allow Rifleman the same straight D6 shooting stats as Line Infantry in the OHW rules, but give them an extra 3" range.

3. Allow the 95th shooting stats of D6 +2 and an extra 3" range then let Sharpey and the lads give it to Johnny Frenchman bigstyle!

Any help, criticism or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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