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The Arnhem Ambush.

Posted by Harry Faversham on 17 Oct 2021, 21:39

This month's Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine has a good scenario to game the ambush of 1st Airborne Div's Recce Squadron at Wolfheze. The Squadron's C Troop had been tasked with making a dash to Arnhem Bridge straight from the drop and landing zones. Unfortunately they ran into a hastily constructed blocking line, made by Waffen SS troops on exercise that Sunday afternoon. The lead two jeeps being machine gunned from the nearby railway line to their flank and high ground to their front.
The scenario has an excellent map and a breakdown of the troops needed for each side.* I'm going to have a go at this one and write an AAR of how things turn out. The action being a particular interest of mine, after walking the ground, and subsequently talking to some of the participants at one of the Airborne Recce Veteran Association's reunions.

*only query I have is with the author's (a bloke called Nick Skinner) suggested order of battle, he states that the Germans 'do not have Panzerfausts'. As one who's cogitated on this very thing for many a moon I'd be most interested where he gets that one from?

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